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In an increasingly digital world where job roles are diversifying, there is a need for technical and specialist skills. The depth of knowledge and understanding required largely depends on the emphasis of the skills in the role. For some, a qualification or accreditation is required, whereas for others developing a fundamental knowledge of a specialist skill can improve performance.


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Digital skills

Today, everyone is talking about 'going digital', but what does it actually mean? Why must we all build our digital skills, and are you a digital native or a digital newcomer? 

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Developing cross-functional



Developing cross-functional knowledge and skills helps generate understanding and align organizational goals. For example, developing financial awareness skills across the business helps employees to understand why finance departments define certain processes. Ultimately, they are more likely to adhere to these, as they understand why it is important. The result is processes that are more efficient and a better bottom line.

There are also skills that every area of the business should possess; every employee has customers whether they are internal or external. Therefore, it stands to reason that everyone should possess customer service skills; internal and external customers should all receive the same level of respect and quality of service. Excellent customer service internally helps build relationships and respect throughout the organization.

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