Complaints policy

1. Introduction

Hemsley Fraser is committed to providing the best possible service that we can. We recognize that sometimes our external stakeholders will feel that they have cause to complain about the products and/or service they have received and we encourage all feedback, including complaints.

Reports relating to complaints will be responded to in accordance with this Complaints policy. If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your complaint, this will be dealt with as a failure of service under the terms of this policy.

We are always pleased to receive compliments and complaints because they help us improve the service we provide, both for you and other stakeholders. We're also interested in your ideas for improving our products and services. We use the information you give only to improve things. Your personal data is protected at all times by the UK-General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act

2. Who does this apply to?

This policy applies to all complaints made by all Hemsley Fraser external stakeholders, such as our delegates, customers and clients, contractors, associates, 3rd party suppliers, resellers, partners, professional advisers, and consultants, regarding the products and services offered by the business.

3. Aims

Hemsley Fraser aims to resolve complaints quickly, fairly, and effectively. We will:

  • Aim to put things right quickly for our stakeholders when they go wrong
  • Keep our stakeholders informed of the progress of their complaint and the results of any investigation
  • Seek to learn from each complaint to improve future performance
  • Set performance targets for responding to complaints and monitor our performance against these targets
  • Advise our stakeholders of their right to appeal if they remain dissatisfied after their complaint has been through all stages of the internal Complaints Procedure.

4. What is a complaint?

A complaint can be defined as an expression of dissatisfaction by an individual or a group of individuals about the standard of a product or service, action or lack of action by or on behalf of an institution. A complaint may relate to:

1) The quality and standard of service offered by Hemsley Fraser;

2) Failure to provide a service that is agreed or promised;

3) The quality of learning resources;

4) Treatment by, or attitude of a member of staff, student, contractor or any other stakeholder;

5) Inappropriate behavior by a member of staff, student, contractor or any other stakeholder;

6) Failure by Hemsley Fraser to follow an appropriate administrative process;

7) Dissatisfaction with the company’s policies or procedures;

8) Disagreement with a grade awarded or an examination result

Complaints relating to services provided by a third party operating on Hemsley Fraser’s behalf will either be referred to the relevant office or department within the particular organization or dealt with by Hemsley Fraser, depending on the nature of the complaint.

You will be informed of which department is dealing with the complaint and given any relevant contact details. Collaboration may be required between Hemsley Fraser and the relevant department at the external body to ensure that the complaint is successfully addressed and resolved.

We will oversee the resolution of any such complaint on your behalf.

5. How can a complaint be made?

If you are unhappy with the service provided by Hemsley Fraser - whether it is the learning experience, assessment, one of our products, the support you are receiving, or about staff or the organization itself - we promise to take your complaint seriously and treat it as confidential. We also aim to resolve your complaint as speedily as possible.

It helps if you complain straight away to the people involved, as they may be able to put things right immediately.

Any stakeholder wishing to make a complaint can do so by phone, e-mail, website contact us form or letter.

Phone: (+1)6177857925

Email: uspo@hemsleyfraser


Hemsley Fraser Group Inc.

1342 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA

Washington, DC 20009

United States

Complaints should be raised as soon as problems arise to enable prompt investigation and swift resolution.  We recommend that you raise your complaint within 1 month.

6. What happens next?

Once a complaint is received, the Learning Services team will refer it to the relevant department for investigation.

Complaints will be dealt with by any member of the relevant team to which it is referred in the first instance, depending on the nature of the complaint. Some complaints will need to be dealt with by the relevant Team Manager.

You will get a first response within one week of receipt of your complaint, at which point we will agree on the next steps and timescales for resolution.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can appeal the outcome.

7. Appeals process

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, once it has been through all stages of the internal Complaints procedure you can appeal the outcome to the Compliance Manager, who may then refer the complaint to a member of the Board.

The appeals process is as follows:

  • You must submit your appeal in writing to uspo@hemsleyfraser stating the reasons why you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation. 
  • We will inform you of the outcome of your appeal as soon as possible, usually within 15 working days of receiving it. If it is not possible for us to fully respond to you within this time, we will let you know and tell you what we are doing to deal with your appeal and when you can expect the full reply. 
  • If your appeal is upheld and the outcome of your complaint changes as a result, you will be informed in writing including a detailed breakdown of what you can expect next.
  • If your appeal is not upheld, the original outcome of your complaint will stand.  There will be no further right of appeal.

8. Our commitment to you

Hemsley Fraser is committed to continuous improvement in service delivery.

Our Service Standards for Complaints are:

  • We will make it easy and straightforward for you to make a complaint
  • We will treat you fairly and without discrimination
  • We will endeavor to respond to your complaint within the published timescales and keep you informed
  • We will ensure you have a full explanation to your complaint in your preferred format
  • We will tell you if changes have been made to services following your complaint
  • We will review our Complaints Policy at regular intervals.

9. Confidentiality and Safeguarding

Your personal data is protected at all times. You may request a copy of the information that is held on you about your complaint at any time during the process.

A Complaints log will be stored on a private drive where only the Complaints team has access.  This will record the details of all complaints and the results of the investigations. 

Any records containing sensitive information and/or identifying complainants will be kept secure and confidential for the duration of the complaint and for 12 months thereafter and will then be disposed of in a securely.

Your identity will remain anonymous unless there is a reason to disclose it as part of the investigation.

10. Responsibilities

The Senior Management Team and all those in managerial or supervisory roles are responsible for developing and encouraging good customer care handling practices within their teams.

Compliance with our Complaints Policy is the responsibility of all employees. Training is provided for staff to ensure awareness and that staff have a clear understanding of customer complaints and their responsibilities.