Our vision

Creating a spirit
of learning;
making life better

Our mission

To transform how people learn, engage and develop in the rhythm of their work… wherever they are.

We enable powerful learning experiences that bring the workforce together, blended into the rhythm of work, whatever work that is. We are passionate about activating talent through learner journeys that span expert-led, micro and nano learning, playlisting, multi-device-availability and engagement services to ‘meet the moment’ and ensure the learner, team and organization will ‘be ready for tomorrow’, wherever people are in the world, their challenges or their careers.

The pace with which we work sets us apart and our Design Consortium ensures the content and Pedagogical rigour of our offer - delivering solutions that are unique for the client, impactful and engaging.

Our core values

Inspiring a spirit of Learning

  • A passion for development and growth
  • Fuelling everyone’s unique aspirations

Embracing the Adventure

  • Working fearlessly to deliver great outcomes
  • Moving with pace, positivity & enthusiasm

Feeling Connected

  • A thirst for connection, community and partnership
  • Celebrating diversity of thought and identity

Celebrating each Individual

  • Engaging and cultivating talent
  • Nurturing inclusivity
Working at Hemsley Fraser!
Our people are the single biggest factor behind our success.

We are doing something different at Hemsley Fraser - we are promoting the importance of learning to everyone’s happiness and engagement, and to the success of the organizations they work for.


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