Workforce development

Workforce development (or employee development) is a vital ingredient to business success in today's fast-changing and unpredictable environment. When done well, changes to culture, engagement, and to people’s potential can significantly influence a business’ future success. 

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As well as ensuring a company has the employee capabilities it needs to thrive, research shows that skills development and opportunity for career and personal growth are important aspects of employee retention, especially among millennials. 

So it’s no surprise that some of the most successful enterprises prioritize the value of ongoing workplace skills development and knowledge sharing. 

Our advice... start small and work practically to reach your goals. It's amazing what you can achieve if you approach the challenge with a solution that enables you to get going quickly and has the agility to scale up to the whole enterprise easily.

Keys to success - strong partnership, building-trust, working pragmatically 

'Everyone of their staff now has access to this curriculum via the Hub and any updates are instantly pushed out to the global workforce'

Deploying a global workforce development solution for a large pharmaceutical 

Ben Clarke - Chief Revenue Officer

Hear Ben talk about how Hemsley Fraser helped a global pharmaceutical company undertake a practical approach to workforce development, starting with a localized learning curriculum deployment, and eventually building global stakeholder support for a digital hub solution that facilitates true enterprise learning on a global scale. 

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Providing enterprise workforce development solutions for a global pharma business

Creating a

workforce experience

Leverage our rapid architecting services to quickly ‘mix and match’ across our assets, your existing programs, and newly created context pieces… creating endless workplace experiences to meet your enterprise development needs.

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