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Our Symphony Model

Symphony is Hemsley’s approach to helping you maximize the usage and impact of your learning programs through leveraging the right blend of promotional activities and data insights.

We believe the Symphony approach is the most effective way to support you to:

  • encourage self-driven learning, in the flow of work, to build agile skills
  • develop your learning culture and values
  • build your employee brand to attract and retain talent

We partner with you to deliver:

Engaging learner communications 

Customized Power BI reporting

Ongoing feedback & insights

We can support you as much or as little as you need.

We have developed four distinct options that will allow you to control the amount of involvement from our Symphony team, depending on your budget and complexity of your program.

These include a mixture of off-the-shelf reports, bespoke communication toolboxes, consultation time, ROE measurement, access to reporting engine (daily updates), reports aligned to business objectives and much more.

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