Live workshops (virtual or in-person)

Expert-led training sessions to help develop your teams

For the highest level of learner engagement, choose Hemsley Fraser instructor-led training. Our live workshops are available for in-person or virtual delivery.

Facilitation, production and content, we'll take care of everything.

Instructor-led live workshops

Our instructor-led learning utilizes interactive content and is facilitated by our expert faculty of trainers. The benefits of expert-led training are well known; the ability to ask questions and receive immediate feedback, access to subject matter experts, learner-to-learner interactions, and tailoring in the moment to name a few.

We take it one step further; our content is highly visual and engaging, and we use digital content to enhance the experience and make it more interactive. Small group sizes allow a high level of interaction and support. We use only the best trainers that facilitate inspiring, highly-participative, and fun classes.

Expert-led training, both virtual and face-to-face, can be blended with online learning, experiential learning, and coaching to optimize the learning journey.

Instructor-led options

There are multiple instructor-led training options available, including bite-size learning sessions, experiential learning, and live workshops. These can be delivered virtually or face-to-face (in-person training). 

We have a robust suite of ready-to-deliver courses and learning content, serving as a launching point for a more speedy and cost-effective program design.

Bite-size training
90-minute expert-led sessions.
Short bursts of knowledge designed to immediately boost performance.

In-person face-to-face training

In today’s modern learning landscape, in-person face-to-face training can be an exciting option, and part of a blended learning journey. Gone are the days of dreaded ‘chalk and talk’ sessions. Instead, we focus on the unique value of face-to-face interaction: fostering collaboration, shifting mindsets, and applying learning in real-world scenarios. Learners truly benefit from the human connection that only in-person experiences can provide.
Our in-person face-to-face training sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging and facilitate networking and peer learning. Participants benefit from direct in-person interaction with expert trainers, fellow learners and enjoy a collaborative and immersive learning environment. They have the opportunity to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, share experiences, and develop valuable human connections. The face-to-face format also allows for real-time feedback and personalized coaching, ensuring that each learner receives the support they need to succeed. 

Best in class virtual training delivery

Virtual expert-led training is a modern, effective, and popular medium, and if effectively designed, can replicate the benefits of an in-person classroom experience. It also offers the added benefit of being highly scalable, and seamlessly integrating into blended learning journeys, ensuring a consistent and engaging learning experience across the entire enterprise, whether locally or globally.

We all connect with our colleagues and friends every day using virtual tools... so it's not surprising that we expect that in our learning and development too. Whether it's Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect, or any other platform, we consult and deliver virtual learning experiences that are learner-centric, vibrant, engaging, and effective. We've been delivering engaging and impactful virtual programs for well over a decade and customers tell us we are very good at it.


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