Learning measurement & ROE

How can you know if your new learning solution has engaged as you hoped and is having the desired impact? How will you be able to demonstrate that your time, resources, and money have all been very well spent in service of your organization’s goals?

It all starts with data, both quantitative and qualitative: we’ll collect it, we’ll analyze it, and then we’ll transform it into a narrative that tells the story of your learning initiative. 

We work with you to identify and leverage data and insights to drive ongoing improvements to the learning experience and overall engagement. We look at a range of elements including...

Driving value through ROE

Because determining true ROI is incredibly labour-intensive, and it can be difficult to draw a direct line between soft-skills learning and bottom-line profit, we believe it is more valuable to think in terms of Return on Expectations (ROE).

First, we determine your real-world expectations for ROE and we prepare a customized strategy. Then, in partnership with your team, we measure the results of the learning against those expectations.

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