Return on expectation

Data insights & engagement

Today’s modern learning solutions must leverage data and insight to continuously improve. And learner engagement has never been more important.

We work with you to continually track and act on data trends to refine and improve engagement as well as the overall learning solution - the take-up, effectiveness, and impact of the program, as well as telling a strong story about “return on expectations” (ROE). 

A Data-driven engagement

strategy to drive impact

and behavioral change.

HF Symphony

Having worked closely with both our clients and professional partners, we have developed a successful model that mitigates some of the most common industry challenges faced by organizations launching learning programs… 

Such as low engagement/program awareness, limited consumption and attendance or steady decline after launch, lack of clarity over success metrics, poor stakeholder buy-in, inability to demonstrate success, lack of a simplified and/or scalable access to learning solutions, inconsistent approach across functions and regions. 

Our Symphony Model ensures...
Program success with carefully orchestrated measurement, communication, and promotional strategies.

Learning measurement & ROE

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