Terms and conditions

Course/program description

Due to the fluid nature of training courses/programs and our commitment to continuous improvement, Hemsley Fraser Group Inc reserves the right to change the course/program content and/or trainer at any time in line with market demands.


All fees in our brochures are current at the time of going to print. However, we reserve the right to change them.

Data Protection

All data submitted when making a booking will be processed in accordance with HF’s Privacy Policy. If a booking is made on behalf of a third party you warrant that you have secured their express consent to their data being used for this purpose and have in place all relevant policies and processes to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

Force Majeure

Hemsley Fraser reserves the right to cancel or postpone events under circumstances beyond our control such as an act of God, Governmental Regulation, Fire, War, Terrorist Activity, or Civil Commotion.

Attendance on the course/program

Hemsley Fraser reserves the right to ask a delegate to leave a training course if it is felt that they are unable to participate and contribute to the learning on the course. This includes inappropriate behavior and actions that are detrimental to the learning received by other participants on the course. All participants are expected to have a good understanding of the English language to be able to fully participate in our courses.

Digital Learning Hub

For purposes of this License Agreement, the “Materials” shall mean the digital assets residing in the HF Digital Learning Hub available on HF’s online platform (the “HF Site”), as such Materials may be updated, modified or changed from time to time,  in HF’s sole discretion.  In order to use the Materials,  “Permitted  Users” will require a user device and software that meets  “Minimum  User Requirements,” that for purposes of this License Agreement shall mean those requirements set forth on the HF Site.  HF reserves the right to update the Minimum User Requirements from time to time.

HF will provide a password-protected platform through which Permitted Users may access the Product.  HF will make every effort to ensure the smooth and continuous operation of the platform as more fully described in the Standard Terms and Conditions.

The “Initial Term” shall mean a one (1) year period commencing upon the date of Licensee’s payment of the Course Fee.  The Initial Term shall be renewable thereafter on an annual basis subject to Licensee’s payment of the then-current Annual License Fee  (as set forth on the then-current  Pricing Schedule located on the HF Site) for such renewal period and Licensee’s agreement to HF’s then-current terms and conditions for the license of the Materials.  The Initial Term together with all renewal periods shall be referred to herein as the “Term”.

HF shall have the right to terminate this License Agreement and all use of the Materials by Licensee and its  Permitted  Users at any time without notice following a  violation or breach of this  License Agreement by Licensee or its Permitted Users and/or  HF’s reasonable good faith belief that HF or any of its  Permitted  Users has violated or infringed,  or is violating or infringing, HF’s or any third party’s intellectual property or other rights.  HF’s election to exercise any such termination right shall not derogate from, and HF may pursue and hereby reserves, any and all other legal remedies available.

Data collection
Licensee acknowledges that HF and/or its third-party affiliates hosting the Materials shall be entitled to collect data associated with the Permitted Users’ use of the  Materials  (e.g.,  book viewed,  pages viewed, etc.) (collectively, the “Materials Use Data”).

HF will communicate with Permitted Users on an on-going basis to engage them with the Materials, highlighting topics and advising of updates.