Enabling service excellence for Direct Line Group with a managed learning partnership

Direct Line Group (DLG), a leader in the UK insurance landscape, boasts a diverse portfolio of well-known insurance brands, spanning motor, home, and commercial sectors. 

With a rich history dating back to 1985, DLG has established itself as a trusted provider of insurance solutions, serving millions of customers nationwide. Employing over 10,000 dedicated professionals, the company maintains a steadfast commitment to innovation, customer service excellence, and corporate responsibility.

The challenge

DLG’s learning and development team embarked on a transformative journey, to cultivate a high-performing learning culture by adopting a digital-first learning strategy. In their search, DLG prioritised a learning partner with a disruptive market influence, digital proficiency, strategic expertise and capabilities to manage the complexities of learning management effectively.

Committed to continuous improvement, DLG needed a partner who could deliver a people-focused service, ensuring a seamless, integrated and high-standard learner experience that is consistent across the group. As well as being able to source and onboard best-in-class third-party providers.

An immediate challenge included helping to support their Accident Repair Centres (ARCs) with the deployment of essential learning and qualifications, for their employees to carry out crucial repairs for their customers. Directly impacting the customer’s experience by reducing the time/resources required by branch management to facilitate the learning themselves.

The solution

Hemsley Fraser was chosen as they are proven L&D experts with a digital-first, but human-centred mindset and DLG found that Hemsley’s Managed Learning Services capability was a great fit with their strategy and culture. The range of expertise in learning management, administration, analysis and process evaluation led to Hemsley reducing the burden of tasks and resources to free up their internal teams and managers.

Acting as an extension of their L&D team, Hemsley supports with administrative tasks, reviews data to provide relevant and impactful demand plans, pre-book learning for development areas and operation-critical qualifications, and lead on internal inductions, including organising the facilitators, systems and platforms on an ongoing basis.

Crucially, Hemsley also support DLG with proactive management of the operational core competencies and qualifications required throughout their network of ARCs, ensuring that DLG’s employees keep their skills and qualifications up-to-date which enables the operation to run efficiently to keep up with their customer demand. This level of trust and autonomy truly reflects the partnership and enabled their teams to focus on other business-critical tasks.

When transitioning to Hemsley as their MLS, DLG also opted for the dedicated apprenticeship service to bolster their early careers and learning academy team. The Hemsley apprenticeship team provides comprehensive support, handling everything from advising on apprenticeship contracts to managing apprenticeship training providers (ATPs). They facilitate the entire process and the team also guides learners on suitable apprenticeships, funding rules, and eligibility criteria. They conduct insights calls to ensure clarity and alignment among ATPs, People Leaders, and learners, enhancing retention and completion rates. Overall, the Hemsley apprenticeship service seamlessly integrates with internal teams, delivering substantial business value through day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, market insights, and DAS management.


The results

Through the partnership with DLG, Hemsley has been the catalyst for significant positive outcomes across multiple facets. Firstly, in reporting and analysis, Hemsley's solutions have facilitated robust data insights, empowering DLG to make informed decisions and optimise learning strategies effectively.

Moreover, the collaboration has yielded substantial cost savings in terms of time and resources. By streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency, Hemsley has enabled DLG to allocate resources more strategically, resulting in tangible savings. 

Positive feedback on the booking progress also underscores the effectiveness of Hemsley’s booking systems and user experience, enhancing satisfaction levels among DLG employees.

With employees being equipped more efficiently, DLG can see that customers are receiving greater, more qualified services. This translates into enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately benefiting DLG's bottom line.

Lastly, Hemsley’s ability to work directly with internal stakeholders underscores the value proposition of their Managed Learning Service, showcasing their trustworthiness and credibility, positioning Hemsley as a valued partner in driving DLG's learning and development initiatives forward. Overall, the partnership between Hemsley and DLG has delivered tangible results, ranging from operational efficiencies, greater savings against RRP for third party supplier course through their consolidated purchasing power and improved customer experiences, really highlighting the transformative impact of strategic collaboration in the L&D field.

Lyndsay Taylor, Head of Learning & Development at DLG: "Hemsley Fraser proactively shine the headlights on what’s happening in the L&D industry and this proactive approach helps DLG to stay a step ahead and be more prepared and anticipate change. It truly feels like one team, it’s an honest partnership where we lean into both challenges and opportunities together.

If you’re a forward-thinking organisation who needs to focus on strategic activity, you’re in good hands. Their breadth of experience working with similar organisations, and the effort and importance they put into understanding our culture means a lot and ensures a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

As our strategic partnership continues to grow and evolve with Hemsley, this will help set us up for success as we navigate our ambitious L&D strategy."

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