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Leadership Traits in the Digital Age


As part of Hemsley Fraser's Leadership in the Digital Age campaign, Todd Turner (CEO) and Valerie Nichols (Executive Consultant) discussed our six pairs of traits that will ensure leaders are well-equipped to lead, and how it's important to have a balance between each trait.


Leadership in the Digital Age


Leaders Connected

With the current COVID-19 situation, our sense of reality is greatly altered and right now the world is in triage. At these times, the human being goes into fight/flight and the stress response is turned up, yet at the same time, the human intuition insists on connection, community and care. All of us, consciously or not, are searching for psychological and physiological safety right now and we at HF felt a moral imperative to respond to this call.

The impact of digital learning in 2019 - Digital survey findings

We surveyed 474 L&D and HR professionals to find out what impact digital is having on learning and development. Hear Hemsley Fraser’s Lynsey Whitmarsh (Director of Innovation) and Matthew Prisco (Client Digital Transformation Lead) discuss the findings of the recent research survey ‘The impact of digital learning in 2019’.


2019 Digital Impact Survey

The Virtual Workplace

David Hepworth, Lead Creative in Learning at Aviva UK, talks to us about the current issues in the Virtual Workplace.

  • Physical distancing - the shock of the change for some people in the current situation
  • Profession etiquette out of the window - kids, dogs and living rooms are the new norm
  • Tech accessibility - ensuring devices and/or infrastructure don’t get in the way
  • Social Events - how their use can secure connections

How do you provide engaging learning experiences that drive true behavioral change? 

Join Ben Clarke (Head of US) and Ian Klein (Vice President, Solution Architect) as they tell a “Sliding Doors”- like story of two organizations: one of the stories falls into a number of typical (but avoidable) modern L&D traps.

The other story is one that recognizes how the combination of a strong, multi-point engagement strategy and the implementation of a consumer-focused, beautifully-designed learning experience platform can vastly increase the likelihood of program success… all without requiring hiring a team of hundreds or robbing a bank!