Hemsley Fraser management & leadership program helps managers & leaders develop key capabilities needed for success

New program helps enterprises and fast-growth firms deliver modern and authentic leadership training; preconfigured approach takes heavy lifting out of program design and delivery.

Global learning and talent development provider Hemsley Fraser has created a unique new management & leadership program that helps leaders and managers develop the top capabilities needed for success in today’s fast-changing and unpredictable work environments.

Highly flexible and adaptive with pre-curated content and approaches, the new program can not only respond to the changing dynamics facing organizations of all sizes and industry sectors, but also simplifies the task of program design, customisation and delivery for busy companies.

Successive research has shown an urgent need for modernised leadership skills but a gap in delivery: LinkedIn data predicts that job skills sets will change by 65% by 2030 while the World Economic Forum 2023 Job Report has identified that developing leadership and social influence skills is already a top three priority for employers. Meanwhile, research by Slack and business lobbying organization Be The Business found almost half of UK firms considered poor management to be their biggest barrier to growth.

Drawing on the latest insights, research, trends and over 30 years’ practitioner experience, Hemsley has launched their new program experience for developing exceptional managers and leaders based around ten critical capabilities necessary for success in these roles.

These capabilities comprise: leading inclusively; being authentic; growing talent; nurturing change readiness; fostering psychological safety; having straightforward conversations; building connections and relationships; creating purposeful agile plans; and delivering sustainable performance and providing direction and clarity.

Hemsley has organized the ten core capabilities into an agile and modular framework, whose pre-curated program elements are swiftly customisable to each individual organization, team, or individual’s needs. The framework also ensures that learning programs are easily integrated with corporate goals and strategy as well as swiftly deployed and scaled across any type of organization.

The program draws on Hemsley’s highly-successful learning methodology of excite, engage, embed & evolve – characterised by a human-centric approach to learning – which are all delivered through a clear, end-to-end journey that equips leaders with touchstone skills and the authenticity regarded as essential for success.  

With Hemsley’s program delivering a balance of engaging learning experiences and cutting-edge, pre-curated content and learning environments, employers can quickly imbue their managers and leaders with authentic, game-changing leadership capabilities and achieve the critical mass for change and success in their workplace.

Lynsey Whitmarsh, CEO at Hemsley Fraser, says: “Organizations – whether established enterprises or growing firms – face a double challenge of identifying the core capabilities their leaders and managers need and then finding the best way to deliver highly-contextualised learning programs at sufficient speed and scale to realise desired corporate or personal goals.

“Our program meets these demanding needs in an exciting, flexible and scalable way. Because it’s designed for agility, it fits any organization’s strategy, mission and targets. Leaders gain swift, flexible and scalable learning which can be adapted at the pace their organization demands. This is a learning breakthrough, since prioritising leadership skills and ensuring meaningful learning outcomes has become a challenging, even bewildering, task amid the waves of organizational upheaval and geopolitical shifts of recent years.”

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