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Changing the learning paradigm to serve the future workforce

Learning has never been more important to employers than it is today. Employees must acquire new skills and become more agile to keep their organizations competitive amid continuous change. At the same time, they want to develop their skills and advance their careers by accessing a wide array of development opportunities.

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Ian Klein

VP of Solutions Architecture

10 November 2021

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Therefore, employers should provide learning opportunities that offer mutual benefit to the organization and its employees. Unfortunately, there is a major gap between the importance employers assign to learning and how integral — or impactful — learning is to the business.

To bridge that gap, organizations must make significant changes to ensure learning is more connected to the business. Learning strategies are not properly aligned with business outcomes and to many employees, the learning process seems to be completely separate from their jobs. Ensuring learning is personal, relatable and easy to access within the flow of work will make it more impactful and sustainable.

There are many different strategies for changing the learning paradigm, ranging from greater involvement of stakeholders in envisioning and designing learning, to making sure every learning intervention is tied to a critical competency or business need.

The question becomes, “Is your organization culturally ready to change the learning paradigm and make learning more relevant for learners and more impactful for the business?”

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