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Access our award-winning content library of self-directed and expert-led options.

What is the core

learning library?

Our Core library is a rich bank of expert-led and online self-study learning resources...

Fluidbooks - videos - animations - infographics - quizzes - podcasts - HTML pages - virtual training - face-to-face training & workshops - bite-size sessions.

A wide choice of modalities to suit different learning styles and hybrid working and learning in the flow of work.

A Top 20 Learning Library globally
Named on the Top 20 Online Learning Library List by www.trainingindustry.com

Take a look at some examples from our library of self-serve digital and live expert-led content. Our award-winning multi-modal library allows for the ultimate flexibility in programme design.

The building blocks to create engaging learning programmes

Interchangeable micro-learning assets; virtual instructor-led delivery, a team of producers, editors, and graphics designers ready to rapidly integrate client context and content; learning technology that can be deployed in days - we provide a flexible solution that gives you the tools and building blocks needed to create and adapt quickly and easily.

What learning audiences does the Core serve?

The learning resources in the Core library focus on topics and competencies applicable to a very broad range of learners.

Most Core expert-led workshops are targeted to the needs of individual contributors and front-line managers; however, through the customisation of content, in-workshop scenarios, and delivery style, we regularly offer workshops that meet the needs of all levels.

Nano & micro learning content


Popular Topics

Essential business skills
Management & leadership
Personal development
Project management
Wellbeing & life skills
Legacy & third party content

Transform your old training programmes to be fit for the future. Utilise our design studio to uplift your existing content and/or integrate with other third-party content to create a one-stop-shop for your learners. 

Learning content creation

Whether you need in-person learning content or online learning created, we can help... fluidbooks, thrive in five video, film & animation, podcasts, virtual learning, bite-size sessions, training programmes...

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Learning asset hosting


Drive transformative change within your teams

Guide your people to the learning experiences they need to develop their skills, wherever they’re choosing to work.

Boost knowledge sharing and curate the resources needed to help people in their everyday jobs.

Provide quick and easy access to important internal communication on-demand when it suits your teams.

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Insights Insights

Insights | Blended learning

Benchmarking the changing role of L&D in 2023 - Survey Findings

For many in L&D and HR, 2023 is the first 2020s year where the pandemic hasn’t acutely disrupted strategic planning and operations. Yet, Covid-19 has changed organisational life forever.

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Insights | Leadership & management

Equipping managers and leaders to be the best they can be

Now is a great time to review and update what we all understand about management and leadership. But what are the core capabilities L&D need to develop?

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Insights | Blended learning

Psychological safety in teams and learning

We all know psychological safety matters. A wealth of evidence shows the connection between high levels of safety, engagement and team performance. But, what about psychological safety and learning specifically?

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