Single Place for Professional Development & Compliance Training

OncoHealth is a US digital health company that combines technology-enabled services and real-world data analytics with a dedicated team of renowned oncology experts to deliver solutions used by health plans, employers, providers, patients, and life sciences researchers for navigating the physical, mental and financial complexities of cancer.

With 250 users, OncoHealth is unique in their requirements for a US Hub client. In addition to utilizing HF content, OncoHealth leverages the platform to fulfill regulatory training requirements across the organization.


The challenge

OncoHealth was initially looking for a way to achieve employee self-development to build a culture of learning.

While regulatory training has always been a requirement of meeting their mandatory business provision, the team wished to ensure a consistent compliance offering while providing ease to their learners by bringing multiple sources to a sole digital platform.

OncoHealth additionally sought a way to bring in both the content necessary for today with the flexibility of adding content for tomorrow to achieve both organizational and individual learning needs. Building both formal learning and employee-centered topics was of essence given the importance of an engaging culture at OncoHealth.

It was essential that any solution would be easy to administer as well as engaging for the learners. OncoHealth sought an off-the-shelf solution that could be effectively & efficiently managed by their internal HR function.

The solution

After upskilling, the OncoHealth Team went on to build various internally driven programs including: Annual Compliance Training, Systems-related training, Manager Bootcamp, Onboarding and Employee Wellbeing related initiatives.

By curating a mixture of compliance asset types, including PDFs, Presentations and MS Word documents within a specific playlist that would track the completion of mandatory compliance training and utilizing HF’s reporting suite and the Playlist Completion report, OncoHealth has been able to monitor and pursue timely completion of all staff & new hire completions.

During the pandemic, OncoHealth shared HF content topics blended with their own, internal resources supporting Hybrid working, return to the workplace and creating that employee focused and friendly culture by bringing the organization into their Spring Fitness challenge via the Hub.

Utilization of the hub has been a way to reach all team members whether working at a OncoHealth location or remotely as a modality to provide learning opportunities with ongoing access to reference the learning content and supporting resources just-in-time.

The results

Achievement of 100% year-over-year annual compliance training completion.

Opening the pathway of instilling a culture cultivating ongoing, self-development by keeping the content refreshed and relevant to engage learners and meet them with both critical topics and learning resources based on current organizational needs.

Evolving content bringing in more teams to expand their reach and ability to tailor learning to the organization’s and individuals’ learning needs.

Historically, OncoHealth have utilized their internal email platform to drive engagement of mandatory training. We are currently looking to support engagement through Hub sharing functionality.

Why HF?

HF has partnered with OncoHealth in employing innovative solutions to help enable the OncoHealth team to be able to provide any content at any time with ease, the partnership to rely on and the robust reporting to ensure regulatory course requirements are met.

"We really like the idea of micro-learning and having people move through that quickly, and we liked the idea that it can be hosted on a mobile device and very easily accessible – we did not have that capability before!" Shay Hurst, Chief People Officer, OncoHealth


Watch now

John Shepherd talks to Shay Hurst and Lindsey Davidson from OncoHealth about the partnership with HF and results they are now seeing business-wide - watch now