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Our partnership has grown from a narrowly-focused suite of 8 face-to-face in-person workshops to a global curriculum of both virtual instructor-led and in-person workshops underpinned by an enterprise-wide digital ecosystem, serving every level and function.

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29 April 2020

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A major player in the pharma industry, our client has exacting standards and challenged HF, from the outset to partner with them to develop their learning organization and bring scalable learning to their enterprise. Having launched the first centralized curriculum some 3 years ago, we’ve been collaborating with their enterprise learning team to steadily grow the portfolio and broaden the delivery modalities. A major development in this process was the launch at the start of 2020 of their customized learning Hub. Now, for the first time ever, everyone in their organization has access to consistent, curricula-aligned, and affordable learning options. 


Help bring Hemsley Fraser's interactive learning solutions to a global audience without disadvantaging the smaller regional locations or breaking the bank!


While budget is always a contributing factor in curricula design, an even greater concern of our client was providing globally consistent learning opportunities. It’s often the case that when building program architectures, the core building block is the 1-day classroom workshop. That’s fine for core locations with the funding and critical mass to fill the sessions but what about the smaller regional locations for whom these in-person events are not always practical?  Our solution was to replace the in-person classroom building block with a specially extended instructor-led virtual session, we call an xVILT. This evolution, coupled with always-on learning in their Hub, changed everything!


This switch (from in-person to virtual instructor-led), coupled with the provision of the Hub learning ecosystem, means that everyone enterprise-wide has access to the same learning opportunities, irrespective of location or funding. Not only has this meant more staff now have access to more learning content but the learning culture itself is evolving as more people are involved in the same conversations and enjoying more of the same experiences. And of course, in 2020s COVID-19 induced VUCA world, Hemsley Fraser's virtually and digitally accessible learning is helping them come through this crisis stronger and more prepared for the challenges ahead.


Recently, a learning manager in a European office said,

‘I just want to let you all know how well the new platform and content is being received by the field.  I rolled out some of the content to my new team and they feel an increased commitment to their development.  One representative told me today that seeing the Resilience information gave her a sense of “hope” during this challenging time.  They also mentioned that the digital learning resources were attractive, lively and bold! A++++ team!  Well done and thank you!’


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