Making learning more continuous and strategically effective with HF’s blended learning solutions

Learn about pharmaceutical company Norgine and how their partnership with Hemsley Fraser is delivering a more engaging, in-the-flow-of-work learning experience that delivers for the business and the individual.

Norgine is a leading pharmaceutical company – family-owned for over 110 years until a recent majority stake acquisition by Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GS) – employing more than 1,000 employees across the entire pharmaceutical operations cycle in 16 different European locations. With GS backing, a diverse product portfolio, and a 22 million patient base, the business is aiming to enter a new period of growth.

The challenge

Historically, Norgine’s delivery of learning centred around one-off, face-to-face events and workshops. Whilst this approach was engaging and supported peer-to-peer interactions, as well as career and skills development, it left space for a more continuous approach via the delivery of more virtual and e-learning elements and better leadership learning modelling.

In addition, there was also room for the creation of a learning strategy that, via a needs analysis, delivers the skills and solutions the organization needs for the long term, better aligning L&D strategy with the new direction of the business and its growth plans.

And though L&D at Norgine had already successfully pivoted to a digital learning strategy in the pandemic by integrating The Hub with their in-house Pyramid LMS – boosting engagement four-fold – they needed to maintain this engagement in order to further evolve the learning culture, get ahead of learning trends, and deliver on a landscape of transformation and further expected growth.

In effect, Norgine wants to increase buy-in to a new hybrid learning paradigm where all learners are continuously engaged and can see how learning benefits their career and professional development. On the flip side, L&D needed further access to key metrics in order to enhance the impact of its central role in key transformation projects.

The solution

Full integration of The Hub, which supports a complete suite of blended learning resources, with Norgine’s Pyramid LMS means that all of Norgine’s learning is delivered in one place, giving learners access to pre and post-learning event materials as well as a chance to engage with learning practitioners via one, easy-to-use interface. This makes learning more continuous and works to boost engagement and helps to ensure that the learning culture at Norgine evolves to become more digitally focused.

It also means that Norgine can rely on virtual delivery, which is important with learners in multiple locations and working environments and, at various points, affected by different pandemic restrictions. Partnership with Hemsley Fraser also means that Norgine gets access to the latest trends in both content, skills needs, and delivery before learner demand builds up.

Furthermore, full Hub integration with Norgine’s LMS means the L&D team can plug in various key learning elements whilst also giving L&D excellent administrative access allowing them to curate topic-specific content within a learning pathway whilst also allowing better access to metrics. In turn, this oversight of how learning is taking place allows Norgine’s head of learning to deliver on an expanded strategic remit.

The results

It is still early days for Norgine on their joint learning and organizational transformation journey but initial engagement with virtual learning during the pandemic and beyond has been excellent. Feedback has been very positive and they have engaged with harder-to-reach demographics in their organization.

Learners have better access to continuous learning journeys, rather than one-off learning events, and can interact with learning leaders to help tailor learning to their individual and role-based needs. Here, The Hub becomes a tailored communication platform for them, encouraging social learning and knowledge sharing, while still allowing complete access to on-demand content. One of the keys to the success of the strategy has been the ability to blend both operational content with the L&D offer so that the learning feels very contextualized and relevant.

Norgine is working with Hemsley Fraser to create a more holistic organizational needs analysis so they curate learning content to both present and future organizational needs and deliver it in a way that makes sense to learners. It’s been a solid foundation as the function begins to align more closely with the business.

'The Hub becomes a tailored communication platform; encouraging social learning and knowledge sharing, while still allowing complete access to on-demand content.'