Creating a blended learning experience powered by the Hub

QBE Insurance Group is one of the world’s top 20 insurance and reinsurance companies, employing more than 11,700 people in 37 countries around the world. QBE and Hemsley Fraser had previously worked together, with Hemsley Fraser known to QBE as a top provider of expert-led face to face facilitation in Spain, France and the UK.

QBE came to Hemsley Fraser with a new challenge: how to deliver a foundational program which would be part of a wider series of development initiatives to help leaders refine and build the capabilities they will need now and in the future. At the same time, the learning must support and integrate with the organization’s digital transformation.

The challenge

Historically, QBE’s learning programs had focused on technical skills, rather than specific management development. This created a need for a contemporary management development program for newly appointed People Leaders, as well as those new to the enterprise.

QBE wanted to be up and running quickly, and had an existing ecosystem, with very distinct platforms for learning and communication. Although the organization had various platforms and content they had no existing on-demand digital content specifically relevant to their People Leaders which could be expertly curated and driven in rhythm with the program.

QBE wanted to create a cohesive, modern and contemporary learning experience for its 500 People Leaders. Importantly, resources should be available in multiple languages in order to facilitate learning in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK.

The solution

Hemsley Fraser’s on-demand learning Hub, which supports a complete suite of blended learning resources, was a clear choice. QBE worked with Hemsley Fraser’s graphic design team to create a modern, fresh and inviting look for the Hub.

The Hub coexists with QBE’s existing LMS, which helped to get the program deployed in just three months. As Covid restrictions were still in place at the time of launch, the program was initially a totally virtual solution, with the potential to add physical sessions in the future as required.

The program is designed around six virtual modules, delivered in expert-led sessions, and six on-demand modules, with supporting resources to facilitate deeper understanding also available on-demand. The resources are available in multiple languages and the Hub prioritizes user experience, while still providing analytics on usage and engagement to QBE.

Each cohort of learners receives a personalized learning playlist, meaning the learning meets them in the moment and is highly relevant to the current environment. This has enabled the learning to accommodate changes to Covid restrictions, as the world opens up again.

The results

100 learners have participated in the program since its launch, with the next cohort now beginning their learning journey. The feedback from participants has been exceptional, with engagement rates on the Hub as high as 94.1 per cent.

Learners can engage with the resources within the flow of their day, minimising the time away from work. The learning is personalized, so each learner’s experience is hyper-relevant, without the need to redesign entire modules, meaning that there is no disruption to the delivery.

Once learners have completed the programe, the Hub becomes more of a communication platform for them, encouraging social learning and knowledge sharing, while still allowing complete access to on-demand content. The Hub can also be used to create additional playlists, and Hemsley Fraser are working with QBE to encourage continuous engagement and self-directed learning via the Hub.

Why HF?

Hemsley Fraser’s approach is unique. Our digital-first strategy is intrinsically human-centered, meaning that the learner is at the heart of everything we do. The Hub provides self-service content on-demand and in sync with the rhythm of the overall learning experience.

Our incredible library of content, interoperable and engaging Hub and expert-led facilitation create a blended experience which has a demonstrable impact upon the wider organization. We operate in multiple countries, enabling participants to learn in their own languages, creating a truly global standard.

The feedback from participants has been exceptional, with engagement rates on the Hub as high as 94.1 per cent! Data collected from the launch of the program.