Learning Experience, engagement & Impact

Ensuring engagement

Hemsley Fraser knows that the way to ensure the success of any learning experience is by focusing on engagement, from the first moment all the way through to the last. We need to get everyone fully aligned to the learning vision: your stakeholders, your learners, and their managers alike. 

Ensuring stakeholder engagement

An engaged and excited group of stakeholders:

  • lends business credibility to the programme
  • gives 'permission' for managers to send their learners
  • drives learner enrolment and attendance
  • helps to keep learners accountable
  • encourages programme momentum and sustainment
  • leads to true behavioural change

Engaging your learners

Equally important is getting your learners in the right mindset to actively learn.

THE MYTH: 'If you build it, they will come.'
It’s a nice quote from a baseball movie, but unfortunately, life doesn’t typically work that way.

THE REALITY: Learners need to understand the 'what's in it for me'. Only then will they care.

Get your learners excited about – and engaged with – your learning programme by investing up-front time and resources to show them how participation will benefit them.


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