Leading hybrid teams

In the wake of Covid-19, the hybrid workplace — one in which some employees are co-located in an office and others are working remotely — presents challenges for managers. Employees’ needs are always varied. But now, as we navigate returning to workplaces, our team members are likely to be dealing with different situations. As leaders, how do we manage these various circumstances whilst being inclusive? What measures can we put in place to ensure that our employees in the workplace are equal to those working from home?

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On-demand digital learning playlist



Live session delivered virtually or in-person



Supporting on-demand digital learning playlists | 30-minute follow up coaching session (optional extra for teams)

Learning Journey

For our learning journeys we use our proven excite, engage, embed method to ensure the learning experience is engaging and the learning is sustained. The full details of the programme are shown below.

Course Code: OV-LHT

  • half-day live session delivered virtually or in-person | 6-8 hrs on-demand learning | 30-minute coaching session (optional extra for teams)

  • This is available for individuals, groups and teams

  • Part of our Core Library

Hybrid working is no longer a benefit, but an expectation. Done well, hybrid working can be agile, engaging, inclusive and future-focused. Done badly, it will be frustrating, isolating and clunky.

Hybrid working fundamentally disrupts how we work, so leaders need to re-learn how to lead in this hybrid world. You create the conditions for your team to succeed, you are the guide, the role model.

Fortunately, there are also some key things you can do to make a real difference for you and your team.

  • Are your team working across different locations, at different times, or both?
  • Are you trying to make the best use of times and spaces available to achieve the work outcomes needed?
  • Are you worried about your team being isolated, less engaged, or less informed?
  • Are you curious about how to adapt your style to be the best leader you can be?

By the end of this course you will:

  • Discover how leading a hybrid team shifts how you lead, and how it doesn’t
  • Know what really matters when engaging and motivating individuals in a hybrid team
  • Consider how to foster trusting relationships and collaboration within your hybrid team
  • Learn about best practice communication with your team, making the most of team meetings

For groups & teams

Live session delivered virtually or in-person. Up to 15 people per programme.

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For individuals

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£ 625.00 (+ VAT)

£ 625.00 (+ VAT)

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Bitesize Sessions

Available for delivery to groups and teams, our bite-size learning sessions are short bursts of knowledge covering the what, why, and how of a topic, and delivered at pace. Expert-led sessions can be delivered virtually, face-to-face, or you can choose a combination, and they can be run either standalone or up to three sessions in a day.

Leading Hybrid Teams

Leading Hybrid Teams

Course Code: VILT-LHT

  • 90-minute live session delivered virtually or in-person (Perfect for use as part of a blended learning programme)

  • This is available for groups and teams

This 90 minute session will cover what today’s leaders need to relearn to effectively lead in a world where hybrid working has become the norm and an expectation. Being a role model and creating the conditions for your team to succeed are a key skillset of today’s leaders.


This session is suitable for anyone who leads a hybrid team

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Explore the benefits and challenges of hybrid working
  • Know how to mitigate bias associated with hybrid working
  • Apply proactive techniques to manage equity within a hybrid team
  • Develop tactics that can help support team connectedness and inclusion
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A ready-made 'facilitator' kit for people managers who need to host a mini-training session on a single key learning topic. Each run-it-yourself (Session in a Box) will show managers how to run a 25-minute session with their team.

Making Hybrid Meetings Work

Making Hybrid Meetings Work

Course Code: RY-HM

  • Run-it-yourself training

  • This is available for groups and teams

  • Part of our Core Library

This Session in a box will show you how to run a 25-minute session with your team focused on building resilience together as a team. 

We recommend that you host a session during one of your regular team meetings, whenever it’s most appropriate and convenient to do so.


By running this session, you and your team will:

  • Evaluate the benefits of hybrid team meetings
  • Consider how to overcome the key challenges in making hybrid meetings successful
  • Draft a set of commitments to help hybrid meetings become more effective
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Online Learning

Our award-winning learning content library is expertly created, easy to consume, and visually engaging and it can be experienced through a range of modalities - Fluidbooks, videos, animations, podcasts, infographics, quizzes and more. Use our digital learning content to support on-demand or blended learning provision within your organisation. Hundreds of topics are available in multiple global languages.

Leading A Hybrid Team

Leading A Hybrid Team

Core content

  • Leading Hybrid Teams Infographic
  • Leading Hybrid Teams Fluidbook
  • What is Hybrid Working Podcast
  • The Future of Hybrid Teams Podcast
  • Inclusion and Equity for Hybrid Teams Podcast
  • Managing Performance and Development for Hybrid Teams Podcast
  • How to Run Great Hybrid Meetings Infographic
Leading A Hybrid Team
See our engaging content in action

See our engaging content in action

Find out more about our learning content… we provide a range of formats and media types to support different learning styles, and time pressures and to keep the learning engaging. Find out more about the different modalities and view some examples…

Explore more about our content

Build a customised programme

Use our building blocks approach to create a customised programme to suit your specific needs and context, at the pace you need. 
Talk to us about what you want to achieve.


Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

We’ll create the optimum journey for your learners

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The building blocks menu of options

To help achieve the pace and agility you need, we encourage you to make use of what we already have (our core library) and make it your own. There’s no need to ‘recreate the wheel’ - build from what we have ‘ready to go’ and then customise what you need to.

Choose from across our range of 100+ core topic areas.

Online self-study:
  • Fluidbooks
  • Infographics (standard and HTML)
  • Thrive in Five
  • Videos/animations
  • Quizzes & assessments
  • Podcasts
  • Digital flip cards
  • HTML microsites
  • Digital adventures
  • Applying what you have learned - action learning prompts/exercises
  • All assets under a topic/collection
Live expert-led:
  • Pre-built team experience (learning journey)
  • Live workshops - virtual or in-person training (1 x half-day live session in a day; 2 x half-day live session in a day)
  • Bitesize (1 x 90-min bite-size session in a day; 2 x 90-min bite-size session in a day; 3 x 90-min bite-size session in a day)
  • Run-it-yourself
  • Coaching – per hour (Follow-up; Learning programme; Transitioning together; Team effectiveness; Career coaching; Leadership & executive; Skills performance coaching)
  • Group facilitation sessions (1 x 3hr in a day; 2 x 3hr in a day
  • Leadership lab session (1 x 3hr in a day; 2 x 3hr in a day)
  • Virtual delivery platform licence
Personalisation for live events:
  • Add your logo
  • Tailored
  • Branded
  • Fully customised
Bespoke content creation:
  • Fluidbooks
  • Infographics (standard and HTML)
  • Thrive in Five
  • Videos/animations
  • Quizzes & assessments
  • Podcasts with bespoke or your content
  • Digital flip cards
  • HTML microsites
  • Digital adventures
  • Digital badges/certificates
  • Live expert-led bite-size or workshop session
Bespoke printed communication/learning assets:
  • Handouts
  • Z-cards
  • Zappar AR for Z-card
  • Action learning prompts/exercises
  • Bespoke Hub annual subscription fee (per user)
  • Hub implementation
  • Subscription (open) hub
  • Booker portal
  • Delivery – Virtual or in-person facilitator; virtual producer
  • Faculty management
  • Delegate management
  • Instructional design
  • Specialist instructional design
  • Learning journey curation
  • Logistics support
  • Project management
  • Customer success management
  • Branding & creative communication
  • Graphic design
  • Translations services
  • Proofing/QA
  • Data insights & engagement
  • Consultancy
  • Supplier management
  • Managed Learning Services
The building blocks menu of options

Our approach

Successful learning programmes don’t just happen by accident: Our 4E learning journey model ensures maximum transformational power (and it’s informed by decades of adult learning best practices and proven real-life hybrid learning effectiveness).

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