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What is personal development and effectiveness? It means optimizing all the resources you have at your disposal – your talents, skills, strengths, energy, and time – to enable you to achieve your goals at work and in life.

Most people aspire to reach their full potential, to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and in an efficient and productive manner. However, most people also have to address certain barriers in order to do this. These barriers are often personal and can be explained by a lack of skills, motivation, or confidence.


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Impactful personal development 

It means something entirely different for everyone, as everyone has different goals and priorities to work towards, and different challenges and obstacles to overcome.


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Rethinking Your

Working Rhythm

As more and more people are working remotely and without the usual change of physical context between home and work life, boundaries can become blurred, energy levels can dip, and roles and priorities can become confused. Put all of these factors together, and the likely result is a decrease in productivity and motivation.

It’s often useful to stop and rethink your working rhythm and how best to structure your time to maintain momentum, creativity, and efficiency. Most people have a natural rhythm when they do their most focused work, when they prefer to have meetings, and when they are able to make space for creative thinking and forward planning. 

It may take some experimentation to discover what works best for each person. The daily demands of work and other people’s timetables and expectations may not always align with individual preferences; but it’s helpful to have a general sense of the daily and weekly rhythm that most supports your energy, interests, and goals – with the expectation that your routine will need to be adapted, adjusted and amended as necessary.

There is no one right formula to having a great day, but getting into the right mindset and doing some mental preparation can really help. Don’t just drift into each day, start by defining a clear intent for what you aim to achieve, and a set of priorities aligned to that. To make this positive intention even stronger you also need to align your attitude: set aside unhelpful assumptions, check what negative expectations you are carrying, and reframe your mindset to be more constructive and positive. Start the day in a bad mood and there’s every chance you’ll go on to notice every potential source of aggravation - while ignoring a lot of the good stuff around you.

Getting into the right daily rhythm can create both the order and flexibility you need for your work and time to flow in harmony.

Developing agile talent - Shifting gear on capability development to keep pace with the business agenda
How we develop talent needs a major overhaul. Many businesses find their established methods simply aren’t cutting it anymore. Organizations need talent development that is responsive to very different business needs, and can cope with the uncertainty and pace of today’s business environment.


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