The Hub platform

Enabling learning and engagement experiences that drive transformative change

Imagine you could:

  • Quickly engage your workforce with exciting digital content, wherever they are
  • Instantly share your messaging and information, supported by thousands of skills development assets, all wrapped up in the context of what you are doing
  • Use analytics and reporting to guide your strategy, to meet evolving needs and expectations
  • Provide truly blended experiences with impact and amazing reach that drive high engagement

Provide easy access to curated blended learning with The Hub LXP

  • Consumer-level, user-friendly interface similar to popular video streaming services
  • Curated content library with 100 pre-loaded topic collections featuring over 4,000 online learning resources
  • Single-source access to both expert-led and online self-study content
  • Custom learning journey and playlist creation at your fingertips
  • Messaging and content sharing via integrated communication features
  • Integrate and leverage your own content as well as third-party content
  • Social learning features including liking, commenting, and sharing
  • Advanced reporting and analytics powered by machine learning
  • Mobile-friendly, available on all devices 24/7/365
  • Global reach: interface in 17 languages, content in 14 languages

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The Hub - The next generation

learning platform

Drive engagement with the Hub

The Hub platform helps organizations quickly drive engagement with learning, knowledge sharing, and communications. It provides engaging experiences - anytime, anywhere, anyhow - designed to drive to your goals. Currently accessible to over two million users globally.

The Hub includes many different types of learning assets. Plus, to enhance this, you can add your own learning assets, YouTube videos, third-party content, and communications.

Engagement levels 6 to 12 times higher than the industry average!

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Hub benefits
Once the playlists are built, they can be sent to different groups in the organization.

The Hub can be integrated with an LMS so that users get a sleek experience.

Powerful data & analytics enable L&D to understand the learning trends and needs of the organization.

Curate your own learning journeys

Like many other LXPs, Hemsley Fraser’s platform provides fantastic included learning resources. But a platform is only truly valuable when you can also:

  • Create and promote customized learning journeys that include your own home-grown content
  • Leverage third-party content as needed
  • Highlight the learning resources you want and need your people to see

The Hub does all that, and so much more.

The Hub as part of a strong ecosystem

Many large organizations have multiple learning platforms in place, all working well together to deliver the best possible user experience

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What's included with our hub?


Create a better hybrid working experience

Guide your people to the learning experiences they need to develop their skills, wherever they’re choosing to work.

Boost knowledge sharing and curate the resources needed to help people in their everyday jobs.

Provide quick and easy access to important internal communication on-demand when it suits your teams.

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