L&D consulting & instructional design

We are experts in the field of learning, not only in delivery and design but in all aspects of learning, including:

  • Technology/platform advice & recommendations
  • Competency frameworks (i.e. SFIA)
  • And much more.
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From Graphic Designers, Digital Designers and Experts, through to coding capability and AR-learning content, OD Consultancy and Thought Leaders - you will have access to HF's full scale of learning expertise and capability wherever you need it.

Excite, Engage, Embed & Evolve

Successful learning programs don’t just happen by accident: For maximum effectiveness, they must be informed by a clear strategy based on decades of adult learning best practices.

Hemsley Fraser’s 4E learning strategy ensures maximum transformational power.

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Architecture & Instructional Design


A learning architecture is much more than a simple project plan; it’s a visually-focused document that clarifies your strategic vision, illustrates how the different parts of your program(s) fit together and serves as a guiding framework for everything to come. 

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Allow Hemsley Fraser to translate your learning strategy into a visual diagram that can help you gain true stakeholder buy-in!

Learning & engagement services

Including project management, branding and much more.

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