Learning & engagement services

Delegate & faculty management

We have dedicated faculty management staff in both the UK and the US who are 100% dedicated to sourcing, vetting, contracting onboarding, and upskilling our faculty members.

There are over 750 people already in the Hemsley network, thoroughly vetted and client-tested: 120+ in North America, 50+ in South America, 400+ in Europe, 100+ in Africa and the Middle East, and 100+ in Asia Pacific.

Faculty qualification guidelines & fit

Before any potential new facilitator can be qualified as a member of the HF faculty, there is a rigorous vetting process. Our goal is to find the right trainer(s) for your programme and your corporate culture.

Our customer support teams can handle all delegate management, including:

  • Sending out workshop invitations and follow-ups
  • Keeping track of rosters
  • Managing workshop waitlists
  • Issuing pre and post-work
  • Creating reports
  • 1st-level learner support

Learning & engagement services

Including project management, branding and much more.

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