Videos & animations

Our filmed videos and animations bring learning to life through fun and engaging visuals. HF’s production studio offers a full range of video editing, graphics and ‘green screen’ backdrop production capabilities. These can range from creative run-throughs of new software, to graphically-supported communications and updates from organisational leaders.

  • Short (<5 minutes) videos that are perfect for on-the-go learning
  • Learners can see skills come to life
  • Videos are creative, engaging and, most importantly, very memorable

Engaging learning content

Off the shelf or bespoke?

You can choose from a library of content types – Fluidbooks, videos, animations, podcasts, infographics and quizzes, that are ready to be deployed at scale –  or if you have a specific topic or requirement we can work together to build a suite of learning content just for your organisation.

Either way, you get a world-class, engaging and easy solution that actually makes a difference. 

We cover a range of trending topics
- Assertiveness
- Drive
- Growth Mindset
- First Time Manager
- Generational Inclusion

Explore our library of self-serve digital & live expert-led content


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