Learning content for a remote workforce  

Hemsley Fraser has expanded its online learning content library to meet the needs of clients who quickly want to support remote working.

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26 March 2020

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The digital Hub

Topics include: ‘Working Virtually’,  ‘Leading During Challenging Times’ and ‘Working from Home – How do I Manage my Day?' This online learning content is delivered via a range of short microlearning assets, organised into easy-to-consume playlists. Available via the digital Hub platform, the content can be rapidly deployed across an organisation to meet immediate needs.

The new content is expanding daily into other areas, with topics on the way including: ‘Looking after Yourself’,  ‘Managing your Team in a Crisis’,  ‘When Home Becomes your Workplace’,  ‘Work-life Balance’,  ‘Your Wellbeing’ and more.

To access this content for your organisation please get in touch!