How we work

Our method is simple. We partner and listen first. Only then can we create solutions that are specifically designed for your organization. All with a focus on boosting performance and supporting change.

However, a focus on personalization doesn’t mean we start from scratch each time. Every client’s solution is built out from our three capability pillars (learning content, technology, and services) enabling us to create custom solutions quickly and effectively so that we can get on with the important tasks of ensuring your learning is boosting performance and supporting change from day one.

We love to partner

We have a vast portfolio of learning products, programs, and services.

Our portfolio enables us to move at pace and work with clients on projects – building learning that has context and is relevant to the business need.

We work in partnership with our customers, providing trusted advisory, insight, and flexibility.

Our 4E model
Successful learning programs don’t just happen by accident: Our model ensures maximum transformational power (& it’s informed by learning best practices & proven real-life hybrid learning effectiveness).

The HF client engagement model

Great governance & rigor around your project… no matter the size

We offer a combination of:

  • Ultra-efficient project kickoff: featuring an agile approach and simultaneous launch of multiple workstreams
  • Scalability and reach: whether you have a learning audience of 100 or 100,000, Hemsley Fraser has the people, the infrastructure, and the know-how to deliver.
  • Cost-effective customization: we’ll leverage our “mix and match” Core content library to quickly create custom materials
  • World-class design: we build the best-looking, most engaging learning solutions
  • Effective learning methodology: follow our 4e approach to realize sustainable behavior change

Learner experience, engagement & impact

A complete learning & development provider... 

We do it all (brilliantly),

at scale, and that’s why our clients

choose us again and again!

Core pillars

Our HF steering groups

Driving thought leadership, best practice & innovation


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