Learning technology & Hub platform

We think that technology should be a learning enabler, not a roadblock.

Do you need a straightforward & agile learning platform?

The HF Hub Platform

Learning technology done right:

  • Helps learners access program journeys and “just-in-time” support content, from wherever they are and whenever they want it. Is device-agnostic, and both office and mobile-friendly
  • Gives learning professionals the ability to communicate with and promote content to their audiences
  • Allows users to “choose their own adventures” and create their own learning pathways
  • Provides quick, easy, and practically single-click access to all relevant learning content
  • Feels easy to use and intuitive

But technology can sometimes feel more limiting than empowering

Many clients come to us and share their frustrations about their technology, including:

  • Outdated features
  • Complex admin portals
  • Lack of technology customer support or thought partnership
  • Difficulties integrating their with external learning providers
  • Lack of global language support
  • And more!

We have a unique take on learning technology; we view it as a way of democratising learning by bringing awareness, knowledge, and application to a wider, even global audience in anytime, anywhere, and in scalable ways.

We also believe that the most effective technology is not simply turned on and left to run, but rather actively and passionately managed by people. In fact, we frequently refer to our digital learning ecosystem as “people-powered technology.”  Why do we say that? Because while our online resource library is not the largest in the world, and our platform doesn’t have the most features (both by choice), what we do have are the highest engagement rates and satisfaction scores we’ve ever seen from the use of digital learning tools.

The key factor in our digital success is the very fact that we don’t rely on high volumes of content or faceless automation; instead, we focus on human-driven curation, by team members who grow to understand what your learners need, as well as how and when they need it.

Provide easy access to curated blended learning with The Hub

HF’s elegant, mobile-friendly LXP.


We focus on helping you arrive at the best possible learning solution, no matter whose logo is on the technology.

So if you already have technology in place that’s working well for your organization the last thing we’d ever do is tell you to drop it!

We will happily partner with you to find the best ways to integrate with your existing LMS, LXP and/or learning libraries so that we can bring our learning programs to life. We will even enable you to host our content on your systems if that’s the optimal solution.

Of course, if you’re not happy with your existing learning technology, or if you’d like to add something truly special to your learning ecosystem, we’ve got something for you…


We know how to enable learning through technology: whether we’re talking about our own technology, or someone else’s!

Unless you really, really want or need us to, we won’t talk about technology in terms of 1s and 0s. Instead, we talk about it as a tool to bring learning journeys, content and support material to the audiences that need it, when and how they need it.

But if you want to understand the nuts and bolts of how we do it, we regularly work with and integrate with a number of learning technology platforms and frameworks, including: AccessLMS, Cornerstone, Degreed, Docebo, Fuse, Kallidus, SuccessFactors, & Workday.

We’d also be happy to discuss with you some of what’s coming next to learning technology - both HF-grown and from the industry at large!

The Hub platform

Elegantly simple, agile & scalable

If you’re not happy with your existing learning technology, or if you’d like to add something truly special to your learning ecosystem, we’ve got something for you…

Enabling rapid knowledge transfer as well as learning and engagement experiences that drive transformative change.

Check out our Hub technology

The HF Booking portal: Your one-stop-shop for course bookings

With our booking portal, your learners will have access to a complete end-to-end booking system, with a searchable course catalog to view details, event dates, and ­­venues (whether that's virtual or in-person).


Want to talk about learning technology?

It can be tough to find a single partner that understands not only the promise of learning technology but also how to avoid the pitfalls...