Branding & creative graphic design

A strong visual identity can transform how your learning and development solution is received.

Effective branding can help overcome some of the challenges in engaging stakeholders around the learning and development you offer, gaining buy-in, and achieving execution. By having visually appealing branding (and internal communication campaigns), you can give your L&D initiatives a creative look and feel while driving visibility and engagement.

  • Create an overarching brand for your learning solution
  • Use branding to bring your learning content, assets and learning journeys alive
  • Give your learning platform a clear company identity with branding

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Our expertise

Great graphic design can help ensure that learning content and experiences feel relevant, engaging, and have a consistent look and feel.

We have worked with many leading organizations to develop a brand for their learning provision, content, and platform/s – helping to communicate the emotions/values they wanted to evoke… And aligning with their culture, goals and objectives. 

We also offer a full range of graphic design services, including program identity, branding, digital design – online assets/ads, legacy content beatification, social communications, offline media and more.

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