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We are driven by 3 simple things...

A passion for innovation in learning 

Expertly-curated, stunningly-designed content

Unparalleled flexibility & pace 


At the heart of our approach


We bring a wide breadth of award-winning training content which is yours to use ‘out of the box’, allowing you to get started from Day 1. And unlike most L&D providers, our content library has been designed with an eye towards careful curation, rather than quantity of training -- meaning that your learner is focused on your message. Further, our unique 'mix and match’ development process means you can move quickly to meet new training demand or respond to topical interests, with the ability to publish new content within minutes. 

While we’re proud of our content, off-the-shelf content is rarely the solution to a business challenge. Rather, our focus is on creating context and relevance for your learner, as we know they drive the most organisational benefit.

We do this through a combination of: 

  • stakeholder messaging production 
  • employee videos 
  • compelling policy development
  • integration of legacy/technical training content
  • knowledge management
  • self-authoring functionality
  • playlists to guide learners

A platform for total employee engagement

The HF Digital Hub includes thousands of digital learning assets that can be used to create online and blended learning experiences, as well as an engaging user interface for business updates, key leadership messages, and knowledge management. Features such as ‘playlisting', ‘trending’, and ‘sharing’ ensure a more dynamic environment for learning. Just one look and you’ll understand why usage of your LMS is so low… 

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Haven’t heard of HF?

Let us tell you our story…

Hemsley Fraser started as a public training course provider in 1992, quickly becoming one of the premier training providers in the UK. After nearly 30 years, our business has expanded greatly to include custom client solution creation, training outsourcing provision, international faculty management, and digital training development.

Expanding our services to the US in 2006, we’ve since serviced over 30% of the Global Fortune 500, as well as partnered with several of the largest US government agencies. Further expansion in 2019 saw the opening of HF Canada and HF Germany. 

Today, we operate in more than 90 countries, and nearly as many languages, with a vast global supply chain of industry experts at our disposal. 

A Top 20 provider
Training Industry is a leading resource for ranking the world’s best training partners. HF has been consistently ranked as one of the Top 20 Leadership and Top 20 Training Outsourcing firms in the world, for each of the last 10+ years… one of the only companies in the world with this distinction. We have also been ranked one of the Top 20 Online Learning Libraries for the past 4 years, since the award's inception.
Thriving in a Virtual World

Help keep your workforce connected, combat feelings of isolation, and instantly communicate with effectiveness. See how our virtual learning options can help solve the challenges presented in today’s world.

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Need to pick up the PACE?

Our Learning as a Service solution is perfect for clients who need maximum impact -- yesterday. Platform and accelerated content can be deployed in as little as a week, with flexible menu-driven services that will drive engagement with your solution.

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We’ll take care of everything

Whether you need a helping hand, or want to turn it all over to us, your HF support team will feel like one of the family.


Services to support your enterprise

We provide a holistic range of services to power learning and engagement across your enterprise... 

...enabling an improved workforce experience and helping to drive your business performance.


Have you considered
outsourcing your L&D?

Do you need support to modernise the L&D your organisation provides?

Whatever the size or stage of your business, our Managed Learning Service can help transform what you do. Whether you’d like our support with learning strategy, supplier management, administration & logistics, metrics or to get access to innovative learning content... our role is to help you accelerate business performance. We improve the experience for learners, while saving you money too.

Apprenticeship Levy support
Access and optimise your Apprenticeship Levy fund. Let us do the hard work, so you can boost your training budget.


Looking for a specific training programme for your team?

Find out more about the wide range of training programme topics available to help you develop your teams.

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