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We believe that partnership - developing supportive relationships based on a deep understanding of our client’s needs and goals – is the key to designing and implementing effective learning programmes.

Our work with AAOS exemplifies how we use our 'partnership first approach' to deliver actionable, sustainable learning solutions quickly and efficiently.

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Over the last three years, Hemsley Fraser has worked with AAOS to help build leadership capacity throughout the organisation through the design, development, and deployment of programmes for its high potential staff and managers. Over the course of our partnership, we’ve created meaningful learning experiences for AAOS’ participants and established a working relationship that has allowed us to act as an extension of their learning function.

We don’t believe that one size fits all...

Instead, we develop each learning solution based on the context of the learning need and our client’s goals and vision for the learner experience.

Developing leadership capability at AAOS

Cheryl Rice, Training & Development Manager

For AAOS, our partnership meant us helping their learners acquire the management and leadership skills they need to help their teams thrive. Through close collaboration with AAOS’ L&D team, we developed and implemented two management & leadership training programmes designed to maximise learning transfer.

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Building and delivering
an impactful learning experience
was only half of the job

To ensure that AAOS’ programs went off without a hitch, a dedicated team of Hemsley L&D and project management professionals provided guidance and support every step of the way.

"I will say that is the best value for money we’ve probably spent. The admin, communication and coordination support has been absolutely fantastic and having support throughout the whole leadership program has been a real timesaver."

What does good people management look like in today's unpredictable global work environment?


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