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What is the Digital Hub?

The Hub platform helps organisations quickly drive engagement through learning and communications. It provides engaging experiences - anytime, anywhere, anyhow – designed to drive to your goals... Currently accessible to over 2 million users globally, with engagement rates of up to 97%.

The Hub includes many different types of learning assets. Plus, to enhance this, you can add your own learning assets, YouTube videos, TED talks, and communications.

Engagement levels 6 to 12 times higher than the industry average!

Other benefits of the Hub
Once the playlists are built, they can be sent to different groups in the organisation.
The Hub can be integrated with an LMS so that users get a sleek experience.
Powerful data and analytics enable L&D to understand the learning trends and needs of the organisation.

What is a playlist?

The library of content can be curated into millions of different playlists. So at the touch of a button, you can build unique learning experiences and share relevant content in a range of modalities, supporting all types of learners. 

This technology allows L&D teams instantly to create their very own learning playlists and share with the enterprise, teams or an individual.

Managing virtual teams playlist

A platform for total employee engagement

The HF Digital Hub includes thousands of digital learning assets that can be used to create online and blended learning experiences, as well as an engaging user interface for business updates, key leadership messages, and knowledge management sharing. Its simple Netflix-style interface makes it engaging to use, while features such as ‘playlists’, ‘trending’, and ‘share’ ensure a more active environment for learning. Just one look and you’ll understand why the usage of your LMS is low…

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Have you considered Learning as a Service?

For those who want to make a big impact in a short period, we offer Learning as a Service. It's subscription-based, with a flexible, menu-driven array of services.


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Our Hub platform helps organisations quickly drive engagement through learning & communications. Currently accessible to over 2 million users globally.