Hemsley Fraser refreshes brand identity to reflect its engaging learning, full-service proposition

Global learning and talent development provider Hemsley Fraser has announced a brand identity refresh to reflect how the organisation has been evolving to support companies and leaders adapt to today’s complex and ever-changing world of work.


Already well known as a leadership and people development specialist, Hemsley has continued to innovate, creating engaging, rewarding and impactful learning experiences which are centered around human behaviour and enabled by technology, not driven by it. 

Hemsley’s offerings are built on three core capabilities: content, technology and services. These pillars enable custom solutions to be created quickly and effectively for organisations while ensuring learning is boosting performance and supporting desired change from day one, while ensuring the company is ready for tomorrow.

Lynsey Whitmarsh, Hemsley’s CEO (currently on maternity leave) commented: “At Hemsley, we have been living and breathing the essence of engaging learning for some time and it’s time for everything about our brand, including our logo, to reflect this. Given that many of our customers already refer to us by our first name, we’re also using the refresh as an opportunity to make this familiarity with ‘Hemsley’ part of our visual identity.”

Sally Hurrell, Hemsley’s Interim CEO explains: “We’re focused on activating learning for organisations to help them build learning cultures and achieve their goals while providing the the very best experience for individual learners.  

“Our energy, expertise, and passionate belief in the power of learning and development has always been there and now the refreshed new logo and visual identity reflects that we’re very much a forward-thinking, friendly, agile, and engaging learning partner.”

Drawing on a rich heritage of shaping learning and talent development for organisations around the globe, Hemsley enables all types of companies to transform how their people can learn as well as the way they engage and develop in the rhythm of their ever-more digitised workplaces and workflows. 

It’s expert consultants, backed by specialist insights into learning trends, combine a deep, data-driven understanding of the changing ways that people learn, as well as how organisations can best use and adapt L&D to help achieve their emerging learning goals and drive change.

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