Implementing ‘business partnering’ skills at a global FMCG company

  • This behavioural change programme is developing strategically-important business partnering skills across 14 countries world wide
  • Our global team of facilitators have delivered 26 of these programmes for over 300 middle managers in one of the client’s key business divisions
  • The programme’s blended architecture combines line manager engagement, virtual instructor-led training, one-to-one coaching, action learning and a highly experiential workshop featuring business actors
  • The learning content - and the programme’s average level 1 evaluation score of 90 percent - has created significant interest from other divisions that are looking to develop business partnering skills

Business partnering is recognised as an effective way of working. We’re running a behavioural change programme to help their middle managers increase their ability to influence stakeholders, enhance their personal impact and better manage their internal business relationships.

26 programmes have initially been delivered across 14 countries for over 300 middle managers. These managers want to develop the business partnering skills and capabilities that will enable them to transform their roles.
Delivered by our global team of facilitators, the programme combines self-directed learning, psychometrics, virtual instructor-led training, one-to-one coaching, action learning and a practical, two-day development workshop which includes simulated scenarios featuring business actors, to help the participants implement and embed their learning. Each participant gains a greater awareness of their own personal style and a better understanding of how they can modify their behaviour to influence and work more effectively with others who may have a very different style or approach. They also build their communication, consultation, relationship management and conflict resolution skills.

We also run an engagement session for the participants’ line managers, to help them provide the right support before and after the programme, so that each individual is able to maximise the benefit from their learning.

The success of the programme has not gone unnoticed. The client has already commissioned us to deliver a similar programme for other key division. Two other major divisions are also keen for us to run an equivalent programme, to develop the business partnering skills of their own middle managers.