Supporting learning in a COVID-19 environment...  

How do you best support your organization's adaptation to a more virtual world? 

Never has the notion of employee engagement been more important, as most of our businesses were forced into remote or home working arrangements overnight. As our employees socially distance from friends, family, and co-workers, keeping connections are fundamental to their well-being. HR and learning functions have a vital role to play in establishing and promoting these new virtual connections. The workforce's pace of adaption is key to business survival and to maintaining levels of employee engagement. 

How we're adapting... 


Enhanced employee communications, knowledge management, well-being checks, team-based activities... even virtual happy hours. HR and learning professionals can be a lifeline in these times of uncertainty. Helping your team stay informed and motivated, developing new skills, boosting resilience, and ensuring well-being. 


Thriving in a



The power of rapid solution creation was really put to the test with COVID. Within a matter of days, the HF design team was able to create entirely new learning assets/playlists to support the most pressing needs of our clients' employees. Topics such as 'managing your team in unprecedented times', 'looking after yourself', 'when home becomes your workplace'....even 'helping kids learn from home'. 

HF's support to our clients on COVID response included HF YouTube channel videos, podcasts, working from home guidance, well-being assets, as well as practical guidelines on how to leverage the digital hub as a media channel for organization-specific updates. This includes virtual business updates, town halls, virtual team games and social connection points, team updates, and positive new stories to balance perspective. 

HF has seen 100% engagement levels on their digital hub during these times - proving that if you are able to supply training and communications that are timely and relevant to today's situation, employees will tune in. 

Learning as a Service
Custom people development experiences that help drive your business goals; a cloud-based subscription service that gives immediate access to the Hub platform and thousands of learning assets that can bring immediate value.
How do you provide engaging learning experiences that drive true behavioral change?
Leaders: Giving reassurance during times of uncertainty

Communicating during times of uncertainty is very similar to communicating during ongoing change. This can become particularly challenging when the situation changes regularly and/or no new information is available.

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