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We believe…  

  • Everyone should have access to high-quality learning. Any time, any place, any budget.  
  • Context is critical if you expect learners to engage. Linking L&D to business communications, technical training, and personal goals drives engagement. Generic content libraries don’t engage. And LMSs certainly don’t. 
  • Your development should be an ‘experience’, not a one-time event. It must be woven into the rhythm of life and business, not disconnected from real-time events and needs.

Be ready

for tomorrow

We've spent years investing in the development of thousands of learning assets that can be used to support the most commonly requested development needs. These building blocks can be rapidly assembled to meet whatever workplace challenge you are facing. 

Additionally, we are responsive 'in the moment' in adapting our assets to topical areas of interest as needs present: 

  • COVID-19 and virtual/remote working
  • Employee wellness, work-life balance, and mental health
  • Diversity and inclusion - responding to BLM, #Metoo...
  • Digital transformation's impact on the working experience

The result, a learning function that is responsive to business and workforce changes, and even world events that set important context and relevance for your learner. Ensuring that your team can be ready for tomorrow, even when events are rapidly changing. 

Excite, engage, embed learning
We also feel strongly that successful experiences shouldn't be a 'one time' event. A multi-phase approach that 'excites, engages, and embeds' learning will create much higher levels of engagement...and better outcomes.

And, with thousands of digital assets to choose from, you'll be ready to excite your learners on Day 1 of our partnership.

What's trending with our users?

COVID-19 & supporting learners

Workforce development & engagement

Wellness & mental health

COVID-19 & supporting your workforce

During these unpredictable and challenging times, how can you best develop skills and new ways of working to support your organization's goals?

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Workforce development & engagement for a digital age

How do you create an engaged workforce and foster a culture of learning? Lifting leadership capability and workforce effectiveness in the digital age.

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Want to see how we bring this all to life? 

We don’t just talk about our POV, we turn our insights into tangible learning assets that can be deployed rapidly for our clients. Whether it be an unanticipated topic (Coronavirus), an emerging social issue (BLM, ‘Me Too’), or a seasonal topic of interest (Pride), our unique design approach allows us to meet the moment… ensuring that your employees are always ready for tomorrow...even when you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Wellbeing & mental health

We believe that employees' mental health and wellbeing is critical to building a healthy culture and a productive workforce. 

We provide expertly curated online learning topic playlists including:

Mental health ● Wellbeing  ● Self-talk ● Financial wellbeing ● Self-care ● Positive psychology ● Managing stress & anxiety ● Digital detox

Put insight into action
Our award-winning on-line library can be leveraged to share trending content and client-specific communications in an instant. Currently accessible to over 2 million users globally, find out how we consistently achieve 80%+ engagement rates for our clients.

Digital Learning 2.0

Online & e-learning and our move to Learning as a Service

e-Learning has moved on... our award-winning digital learning library is made up of micro-learning content - available any time, anywhere, and on any device. 'Mix and match' a blended playlist experience with our videos, animations, fluidbooks, infographics, quizzes, podcasts and HTML content. The ultimate in a truly blended experience.

The power of people counts... adding context, communications, and relevance can really help bring a learning experience to life, and have a huge impact on engagement and productivity.

For those who want to make a big impact in a short period, we offer Learning as a Service, a subscription-based offering with cloud-based platform, accelerated content, and a flexible, menu-driven array of services. If you need to create custom development experiences that help drive your business goals quickly, HF's LaaS offering can be launched in a matter of days.  

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Thought Leadership

Blog posts Blog posts

Blog Post | Blended learning

Developing agile talent – still in the foothills but gathering pace

It’s no secret that how we develop talent needs an overhaul. Many businesses are finding their established methods simply don’t cut it any more. They need talent strategies, processes and initiatives that are responsive to very different business needs and that can cope with the pace and uncertainty and pace of today’s environment.

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Blog Post | Blended learning

Unlocking the potential of hybrid learning to enable hybrid working – five key insights

There's been a lot said about hybrid working, but much less about hybrid learning. Hybrid working is about making the best use of the times and spaces available to achieve the work outcomes needed. Hybrid learning is about making the best use of times, spaces, and opportunities to grow skills and capabilities.

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Blog Post | Employee development

Trends in Corporate Learning 2022

Impacts from COVID-19 policies to work and home are lingering on employees’ minds, their well-being, and the future of the workplace. Considerations for wellness and mental health are a priority for organizations and these impacts learning efficacy.

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News News

News Article | Bite-size training

Hemsley Fraser achieves Learning Provider Accreditation with L&D body, LPI for 2022

Hemsley Fraser achieves Learning Provider Accreditation from The LPI (Learning and Performance Institute), showcasing their strong position in the L&D market as well as their dedication to being a turn-key solutions provider.

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News Article | Bite-size training

Hemsley Fraser awarded Top 20 Training Company, Online Learning Library listing

Hemsley Fraser has been recognized for its innovative approach and successful delivery of online/digital learning options by Training Industry

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News Article | Blended learning

Lynsey Whitmarsh, new Hemsley Fraser CEO, open letter

As Lynsey Whitmarsh takes up her new role as CEO at Hemsley Fraser, she explains the company’s vision as it embarks on the next phase of its growth and development.

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