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Developing Agile Talent

with Laura Walker & Daniel Casey

In this webinar, we discuss ideas, inspiration and advice on how to revitalize your capability and talent development strategy. 

  1. Why consider an agile capability and talent development strategy, and why now?
  2. The 9 factors that drive an agile talent agenda
  3. The ‘developing agile talent’ model – and what it can deliver.
  4. How to get started
  5. Some practical advice for the journey.

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Changing the Learning Paradigm to Serve the Future Workforce

In partnership with Brandon Hall Group

Too often, learning – mostly in the of form of courses -- is not fully aligned with the skills and capabilities the business needs for the future (to achieve its business goals and growth), or what employees need to reach their career aspirations. Learning must deliver mutual benefit – for employees and employers.

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