Outsourcing training

Managed learning, or training outsourcing, involves an external partner taking on the management and ongoing responsibility for one or more activities of the L&D function. Usually this is a long-term arrangement lasting several years.

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Some organisations outsource their entire learning and development function to a specialist provider, like Hemsley Fraser -- and we are happy to take on the support for you. This service can include full sourcing, booking, administering and evaluating their internal training and external training spend, including managing client budgets and training supplier networks.

Many training outsource clients aren't ready to turn over their entire function and prefer to operate a ‘hybrid model’, in which they retain key learning and development services in-house, tapping external support where and as needed. Typical support areas might include project management, program and delegate management, and digital transformation of learning. 

Moving from a legacy learning system & transactional provider

To a true managed learning partnership, including the provision of an engagement Hub of curated on-demand content

Partnering with an Insurance sector client to provide managed learning services

Ria Rogers - Head of Service Delivery & Client Partner

Hear Ria talk about our partnership with an Insurance sector client to make their provision of managed learning services less transactional and more value-focused.

Learn how the client's company-wide engagement Hub experience - with easily-accessible, on-demand content - has transformed the client's experience.

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Tara Hutton, Head of Talent & Development at Zurich Insurance talks about their experience of working with us

Why consider

training outsourcing?

Outsource training to enhance your business performance - The benefits of training outsourcing

There are a variety of reasons why organisations would consider outsourcing their training, but ultimately the key drivers are still cost, quality, and innovation. 

Supporting your organisational needs
We partner with you to support any one or a combination of these service areas, flexing and tailoring to meet your specific requirements.


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Why not have a chat with Ria about how a managed learning service partnership could help your organisation? Or, if outsourcing feels too heavy a topic, just raise any subject.. we honestly think she can talk about anything.