Open Letter

Lynsey Whitmarsh, new Hemsley Fraser CEO, open letter

How we are helping power a better way of working and learning.

As Lynsey Whitmarsh takes up her new role as CEO at Hemsley Fraser, she explains the company’s vision as it embarks on the next phase of its growth and development.

Lynsey Whitmarsh says, 

“The way in which people learn, engage and develop has transformed.  Hybrid working has become the norm and people have proved that they can triumph in the most challenging of circumstances. 

After the tumultuous two years created by the pandemic, it’s understandable that some organizations may be tempted to take a step back from innovation and development. By all means, reflect on what’s been achieved, but don’t stop there.  Build on the momentum created, keep innovating and seize the opportunity of change. 

Gone are rigid, inflexible working routines. People have found their own best-practices, operating to the rhythm of their work, with maximum results. Learning needs to reflect this shift - supporting people, however, whenever and wherever they choose to work. 

Our digital-first approach ensures that we can make learning work for everyone and I’m excited to build on the transformation set by our outgoing CEO, Todd Turner, and bring our vision of creating a new spirit of learning to life.  

At Hemsley Fraser, we’ve always had an eye on the future - it was this commitment to innovation which ensured that our customers’ learning journeys could swiftly be adapted to accommodate the different ways of working triggered by the pandemic. 

But what really sets Hemsley Fraser apart is our unique ability to provide a holistic mix of content, platform and services which informs every aspect of the learning process. 

This not only allows organizations to choose the learning approach that is best placed to meet their business goals and strategy, but it also means that they can activate and monitor decisive change at pace.  

Our unrivalled agility allows us to build unique learning programs, for organizations and their people, which can be easily adapted to meet the ever-changing requirements that today’s unpredictable working environments create. 

Eye on the future

Just as we don’t expect our customers to sit still, neither do we. 

Since it was launched towards the end of 2021, our Insights Group helps stretch our thinking when considering the learning challenges organizations are facing now, as well as what’s around the corner.  

We’re also already considering the impact of augmented reality and other advancements on learning, in our Innovation Group, as well as investigating how a Hemsley Fraser campus on the Metaverse might look.  

This means that, when the time is right for our customers to embrace such innovations, we’re already one step ahead and can guide them through the processes. 

These are exciting times for us all, with the opportunity for huge potential.  Together we can embrace what the future holds and I’m personally excited to be on this journey with you. 

Lynsey Whitmarsh - New Hemsley Fraser CEO
Lynsey Whitmarsh, new Hemsley Fraser CEO