Workforce engagement for a digital age

Workforce engagement is a measure of a staff’s commitment and connection to the organization. Maintaining that commitment and connection in an increasingly digital workplace is challenging -- and in a COVID world that challenge is greater.

Internally, we’ve coined the phrase ‘ultra-vuca’ for the world we’re all living in - volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Things are changing on a daily basis, and keeping an engaged workforce in that environment is especially hard. So what’s the solution? Well, one thing that we know is that a strong, clear, and visible executive presence is vital. More than ever employees are looking to their leaders to help them stay grounded and derive confidence for the future.

Workforce engagement

It’s a two-way street!

Engagement goes both ways - as much as employees need clear confident leadership, so leaders need to feel connected to the business and their employees. Effective direction, and messaging can only be happen if the leaders’ voices are heard and not lost in the noise - over-saturation, dull presentation, or bad timing will kill your message before it has a chance…  


A powerful tool

for workforce engagement

Leaders need an agile, compelling tool to share updates, information, and strategic direction - HF’s leaders use our digital platform, the Hub, as that medium and we have 100% engagement with that platform. Think about that, literally every single one of our staff use the Hub on a daily basis to learn how our business is navigating this impossibly difficult environment. It’s both incredibly powerful and completely invaluable to us.

What could you accomplish with 100% employee engagement?


Learning as a Service
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