Blended learning solutions

Creating better-blended learning experiences

Combining a mix of expert-led and on-demand learning, as well as modern communication methods, to create truly engaging learning experiences.

With more and more information available online, the expectation of how information is presented is critical to keeping learners engaged and curious. In the L&D space when we refer to blended learning this historically has meant a combination of face-to-face learning and online learning. The concept of blended learning has evolved and is much more holistic than just simple combinations. In today's world, successful learning comprises a blend of elements, including internal communication & digital marketing techniques, expert-led and virtual learning, digital on-demand content, technical supporting information. It is all about the learning experience and not just about a one-off intervention.

Our research shows...

A blended learning strategy is the preferred approach for workplace development according to L&D & HR professionals

Blended learning services

Choose blended learning - be ready for tomorrow

Creating blended learning experiences to meet the requirement and time constraints of today’s workforce.

If you want to create learning that is fit for the future, taking it from being a 'day out of the office' to a true learning experience, talk to us about how we can support you...


Making learning engaging & digestible

We break the learning journey down into phases - excite, engage, embed. We've used this method for several years with great success.

Excite, Engage, Embed Excite, Engage, Embed

Looking good

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Creating a strong look for the learning experience allows the learner to explore the content in a visual way that allows the brain to retain the learning on two levels, what they are reading and what they are seeing.

Breaking information down in bitesize pieces and images is much more likely to have a lasting impact on the learner and enable them to feel confident in what they have learned.

As learning and communication are becoming one of the most important ‘blends’ – creating learning that looks fantastic and has a consistent and strong visual appeal will increase curiosity and engagement, and ultimately performance.

Kennen Sie schon Learning as a Service?

Wir bieten "Learning as a Service" für alle an, die in kurzer Zeit eine deutliche Veränderung erreichen möchten. Es handelt sich dabei um ein Abonnement-System mit unterschiedlichen Dienstleistungen, die Sie flexibel für Ihre Bedürfnisse zusammenstellen können.

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