Implementing consistent leadership at a global car maker

  • We’re training 1,300 new leaders each year for this client in the USA, Mexico, Germany, China, India and Korea
  • Delivered in each country, our program covers the individual and people management skills that these new leaders need to achieve the desired business results and be effective in their role
  • The program enables the client to achieve a consistent level of leadership development across all of its operating countries
  • Through train-the-trainer sessions, we’re transferring our capability to the client, so that their facilitators can co-deliver the learning in the future

For any employee, making the shift from being an individual contributor to taking on their first leadership role is far from easy. For organizations, the challenge is to entrust and empower new leaders and to provide the right development and support to ensure that they manage their teams not only effectively but also in line with the values and culture of the business. Global organizations face the additional challenge that they need to achieve all of this with a level of consistency across all of their operating countries.

Each year, our carmaker client promotes or hires around 1,300 new leaders across the world. To equip these individuals with the personal and people management skills, as well as the knowledge, they need to effectively lead their teams and achieve the desired business results, we designed a global program using the best and most influential research on contemporary leadership.

The two-day program highlights the role, responsibilities and expectations of a new leader. It explains how to communicate with confidence and clarity; how to set goals and how to influence and motivate others to achieve them; how to manage performance, manage change and foster innovation; how to delegate effectively; how to develop employees through coaching and mentoring, and through formal and informal feedback, and how to reconcile differences and deal with challenging situations quickly, confidently and professionally.

We’re now rolling out the program in the USA, Mexico, Germany, China, India and Korea. Our facilitators in each country deliver the program in the native language. The client is benefiting by training its new leaders to a consistently high standard, giving each of them the core skills they need to step up to the challenge of leading their teams for the first time. 

Making it scalable for the client…
Through train-the-trainer sessions, we’re also transferring our capability to the client, so that their facilitators can co-deliver the learning in the future.