Run-it-yourself sessions

A ready-made 'facilitator' kit for people managers who need to host a mini-training session on a single key learning topic. Each run-it-yourself (Session in a Box) will show managers how to run a 25-minute session with their team.

Why choose this modality?

  • Give your people managers an opportunity to play an active role in upskills their teams

  • Provide teams with bite-sized learning opportunities that can take place during already-scheduled meetings

  • Extend the reach of instructor-led learning content to larger populations

Available topics include...

Every HF Session in a Box comes with:

  • An editable PPT-based presentation deck
  • Detailed, step-by-step facilitation notes that anyone can follow
  • Recommendations for assigning pre-work and post-work for learners
  • Two-page PDF-based learning handout


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