Why consider training outsourcing?

Outsource training to enhance your business performance - The benefits of training outsourcing

Written by Joanne Casson

Executive Client Partner

4 Minute read

1 Juli 2020

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There are a variety of reasons why organizations would consider outsourcing their training, but ultimately the key drivers are still cost, quality, and innovation. However the balance is changing and whilst cost will obviously feature high on any organization’s agenda, the more discerning client will look for benefits which go beyond the immediate need to save money.

Of course, there is still a demand to rationalize the supply chain and secure volume discounts and economies of scale from training providers as well as to run an efficient and cost-effective learning management service. However selecting a partner who will also continually enhance the learner experience and bring innovative and inspiring ideas to enhance individual, team and organizational performance delivers more than just cost savings.

Outsourcing your training enables you to focus your valuable resources on other important internal activities confident in the knowledge that your learning management is in safe hands.  And never has this been as important as it is now as we all adapt the ways we work to accommodate the changing world we are now living in.  

Maintaining business, as usual, is critical, and ensuring your workforce is prepared and has appropriate skills for the future is paramount. Learning needs to be relevant, in a suitable format, whether that is digital content, virtual delivery or traditional face to face and supporting organizations to have the right balance will be key in managing potentially declining budgets whilst facing a need to develop new skills. 

An outsourcing partner who understands these challenges, who knows learning and is able to deploy solutions in an agile and flexible way is going to be the partner of choice for those organizations with a progressive and forward-thinking outlook.

  • Partnering with an experienced learning company such as Hemsley Fraser will provide you with the strategic guidance to eliminate unnecessary or redundant training spend and focus on prioritizing what will have a positive impact for the business. This includes helping you to optimize your Apprenticeship Levy, where untapped funds could be instrumental in helping you bridge the skills and capability gap.  In today’s current climate, focusing on your own business interests is vital for survival and success, so by handing off some of the heavy lifting that goes into the management and delivery of learning, can surely only be a help right now for organizations.
  • High-quality learning provision helps prevent failures and protects organizations from liabilities that would be more likely to arise if they did not provide the necessary learning to their people. Partnering with Hemsley Fraser, will help prevent unnecessary risk around both the quality of learning provision and supplier onboarding risks and minimizing the associated costs.  Both digital and virtual learning solutions are required more than ever before, and for many organizations the marketplace can be difficult to navigate and we can remove that for you.
  • Partnering with a learning specialist means that your organization can stay nimble as projects fluctuate. We are able to help create a connected learning ecosystem to simplify and enhance your learner experience and scale our resources as your business needs it, so you never pay for training specialists or instructional designers when you don’t need them. You also get the most competitive rates from the leading providers of learning through our established supply-chain, whilst enabling your L&D teams to focus on where they will provide the greatest value to the business.  

Our track record in supporting our clients demonstrates that our partnership approach evolves and adapts to meet an organization’s changing needs.  You can lean on us for support with your evolving learning strategy and we will provide you with insight and market intelligence around the latest trends and thinking in learning, so that your learning is both aligned to business direction and responds to market changes.


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