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Creating better-blended & hybrid learning experiences

We enable powerful blended and hybrid learning journeys that bring people together, blended into the rhythm of work - whatever work that is - to achieve the desired skill or behavior change.

Combining a mix of expert-led and on-demand learning, as well as modern communication methods, to create truly engaging learning experiences. We are passionate about activating talent through the very best blended and hybrid learning journeys.

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A blended learning strategy is the preferred approach for workplace development according to L&D & HR professionals

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The concept of blended learning has evolved and refers to a much more holistic approach today. An engaging blended experience goes far beyond the traditional mixing of face-to-face and e-learning. A truly blended approach incorporates multiple training modalities that appeal to different learning styles and preferences, and that can be used interchangeably to create the optimum learning journey to achieve the desired outcome.

Today, successful learning comprises a blend of elements, that work within our increasingly hybrid work context… including online learning content, expert-led live workshops (virtual or in-person), internal communication and digital marketing techniques, and sustainment activities. It is all about the learning journey or experience, and not just about a one-off intervention.

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What you really need to know

Making learning engaging & digestible

We break the learning journey down into phases - excite, engage, embed, evolve. We've used this method for many years with great success.

Looking good

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Creating a strong look for the learning experience allows the learner to explore the content in a visual way that allows the brain to retain the learning on two levels, what they are reading and what they are seeing.

Breaking information down in bitesize pieces and images is much more likely to have a lasting impact on the learner and enable them to feel confident in what they have learned.

As learning and communication are becoming one of the most important ‘blends’ – creating learning that looks fantastic and has a consistent and strong visual appeal will increase curiosity and engagement, and ultimately performance.

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Hybrid working & learning...

How hybrid learning drives hybrid working

Considerations for your future-focused strategy

Implications for hybrid careers

Hybrid learning

Hybrid working is a hot topic, but what about hybrid learning. Is it just learning in a hybrid working context, or could it be more?

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