Unconscious bias

Your unconscious preferences can prevent you from seeing the talent that's right in front of you. Becoming aware of your biases, and those of others takes you one step closer to managing the predicament.

Are you or others in your organization turning away or discounting potential talent in your industry or company because of their appearance, their accent or some other factor that doesn't relate to the job?

Most of us firmly reject stereotypes and would answer that question with a resounding "Of course not!" Unfortunately, your brain may be getting in the way of your good intentions. Regardless of your intent, you may be exhibiting unconscious bias – a level of bias that you may not even be aware of, but one that subtly affects the way that you perceive and interact with others. Becoming aware of your own unconscious bias – and that of others – is a key step towards controlling it.

Online learning

Online, on-demand, and multi-modal digital learning content available anytime, anywhere, and on any device! Microlearning videos, animations, fluidbooks, infographics, quizzes, podcasts, HTML content, and more - all organized into topic playlists. Far better than 'old fashioned' e-learning. Use to pick and mix a blended learning solution to meet your needs or quickly provide access to on-demand learning to your employees.

Virtual training

Hemsley Fraser virtual instructor-led training sessions are regarded as some of the best and most engaging in the industry. Our wide-range of 90-minute virtual sessions are easily accessible from any location and brilliantly replicate the classroom environment. Engaging, interactive, and participative! We feel we have created the optimum approach to virtual session content delivery. Whether you plan to run your own in-house programs or want to 'pick & mix' a blended solution, our high-quality content is tried & tested.

Bite-size training

Short 'brain-friendly' face-to-face learning methods to help you absorb learning easily. These bite-size training sessions are fun, engaging, and informative - participants won't forget their new skills! Our wide-range of face-to-face 70-90 minute 'espresso' learning and 'skill-drill' practice sessions give you a highly focused shot of knowledge to immediately boost performance.

Training courses

Best in class face-to-face training course. Tried and tested content, which is regularly updated to include the latest thinking. Our robust suite of off-the-shelf courses serve as a launching point for more speedy and cost-effective program design. Whether you plan to run training courses in-house or want to pick and mix a blended learning program using our suite of on-demand and expert-led tools, our high quality training content is second to none. We have a portfolio of over 250 training courses to choose from.

Virtual coaching

Have you considered how high-quality virtual coaching and facilitation can support your development programs? Used as a stand-alone service or to supplement a blended learning experience, tap into our expert team of experienced coaches.
Provide access to high-quality coaching for your teams, regardless of their location. Studies have revealed that many more organisations are applying a more ‘blended learning’ approach to their development – and virtual coaching and facilitation are very much part of that mix today. Our experts are able to deliver through different media, preserving the quality of the coaching experience they provide, whatever platform is being used.


For those who want to make a big impact in a short period, HF offers Learning as a Service (LaaS), which is subscription-based, with a flexible, menu-driven array of services.
So if you want to create custom development experiences that help drive your business goals quickly, perhaps you should consider Learning as a Service? 

Combining an award-winning digital learning library, easy-to-use Hub content platform, and expert services including learning design & engagement, corporate communication, workforce development & more!

We believe that the modern learning experience is blended 

That's why we provide a range of training and development approaches for you to pick and mix the best solution for your needs. 


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