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THRIVE in a box

Cultivating fresh, new ideas and solutions to help your organization thrive!


Are you faced with a business challenge? Multiple stakeholders? How to bring ideas together and move them forward?

This simple framework will focus and guide your thoughts into a practical and pragmatic outcome. THRIVE is a systematic methodology that takes advantage of creative problem solving techniques to generate workable solutions to organizational challenges. THRIVE guides individuals through a proven process that builds creative and innovative skills that can be directly applied to organizational improvement. 

What is the THRIVE methdology?

T - Trigger an idea for what you want to accomplish in your team

H - Hatch ideas that will help to bring clarity to your situation or desired change

R - Reframe your purpose by considering the plusses, potentials & concerns

I - Improve your project plans by bringing greater clarity to your intent

V - Validate your plans by generating specific ideas for action

E - Energize your team with a detailed action plan that will ensure results

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