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Making working lives better is our passion, so it’s pretty clear we’ll want you to enjoy every moment of working with us.
Our people are our strength & we can’t wait to meet you.


Our Staff

  • Isabelle d'Hérouville

    Change is inspiring. This is a real way to learn. My role for several years has been to help organisations manage change and optimise their talent through training and communication.  

    I’ve spent a part of my career to date in Demos Group in France taking care of customers learning needs, both selling and project managing creative learning solutions. Earlier this year I joined Hemsley Fraser in Canada to develop the business and to help organizations improve their own business performance using my experience to date in the world of learning. Well I’m tasting the change! Challenging and being challenged is another of our added values allowing our colleagues, partners, trainers and customers to learn and to change. Challenge is also one of my favorite motivations.

    My LinkedIn Profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    When it is very cold, you can create an onion effect by stacking and adapting layers of clothing - or you can choose to wear a coat and boots. In any case - never forget your hat and your mittens!

  • Chrystelle Perez

    Hi, I'm Chrystelle! Having studied and worked in the hospitality and catering industry I had a keen interest in customer service. But I also realised that training played a key part in people’s long term growth. Finding Hemsley Fraser opened my eyes over 7 years ago to the world of training and development and I haven’t looked back since. My trilingual skills have allowed me to support in some shape or form most of the offices we have across the globe. In that time, I have grown as an individual and in my career and am now the Global Implementation Lead, an Operational ‘subject matter expert’ responsible for working closely with the client teams and internal stakeholders to ensure the success of new international business implementations and client strategic direction or change initiatives. 

    My LinkedIn Profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    Being an introvert, I have often been in learning situations where I didn’t feel comfortable and I remember being trained one time and thinking “ I am never going to learn that way” which is why whenever I train people, I make sure that I understand how does my trainee prefer to be trained. Are they a “doer” and want to control the mouse and make mistakes to learn or are they a “watch first do after” and prefer to observe how to do things right first before getting started? Finding the right balance between their comfort Zone and a challenge will optimize training time and help empower the trainee or new starter right from the beginning.

  • Ben Clarke

    I’ve spent almost my entire career with Hemsley Fraser and in that time I’ve worked in almost every dept in three different offices in two continents!

    I’ve been working in our DC office now for a number of years, both in business development and now leading the team. Working in a leadership and customer-centric role is such a rewarding experience as I’m literally helping to improve people’s lives. Not only that but in leveraging our Global Shared Service Centre, I have the opportunity to work with colleagues and clients from all over the world. I have to say though that despite my best efforts, my English accent is still a point of frequent amusement for my US counterparts!

    I really value being given the opportunity to travel and expand my knowledge & skills, and then being able to translate that into client solutions – it really does make working for HF a uniquely rewarding experience.

    My little known learning tip: 
    I have a theory about bitter foods: most people (probably all) dislike their first taste of them but strangely they often become some of our favorite flavors as we learn to adapt our pallets. Think coffee & beer. So my tip would be to persevere and not give up on anything too easily – you never know what you might miss out on!

  • Veronica Lipkins

    My name is Veronica Lipkins and I started with Hemsley Fraser as a contractor in 2012 and was hired as a permanent employee in 2013.  I wear many hats at HF but mainly responsible for Payroll and Payables.  When I started at HF I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew that with my experience and my love for Accounting/Finance I had the skill set and work ethic to handle whatever needed to be done.  I consider myself a workaholic and don’t believe in leaving anything undone or half done.  

    My little known learning tip: 
    Never turn down an opportunity to learn something new.  I believe that we should strive to learn something new every day as it will help develop you along the way in your career path.

  • Karen Jones

    Hello, I am Karen and my role in Hemsley Fraser is Head of Human Resources, which I enjoy very much. We undertake the usual HR responsibilities; managing the operational requirements, implementing and updating policies, recruitment, development of our employees and of course dealing with the variety of events that occur in a ‘normal’ day at the office. At HF we make a point of creating opportunities for employees to develop their roles, make a positive difference and flourish with fulfilling and interesting careers.  This can take many forms, from a thank you and well done from a manager or colleague, to a new policy in which every employee has the day off for their birthday.

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    Little Known learning tip:
    Music is an important part of people’s lives and many cultures, it has no intrinsic value but it creates happy memories, it can change your mood and of course entertain you. Also we would look pretty strange dancing without it! Recent studies suggest that music can have an impact on a person’s creativity. So, make sure you take regular opportunities to play or at least listen to music.
    One of my favorite song lyrics is from Alan Jackson/Zac Brown (Walkin’ Away) – ‘Don’t let regret get in the way of dreams that you must chase’.  A good message for life and certainly how we like to work at HF.