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Making working lives better is our passion, so it’s pretty clear we’ll want you to enjoy every moment of working with us.
Our people are our strength & we can’t wait to meet you.


Our Experts

  • Susan Lyons

    I work with a terrific team of colleagues here and the UK. We enjoy our work and laugh a lot. We seem to find enjoyment in one another and in what we do. We are constantly trying out new ideas and learning together.  What a great foundation to then work with our clients. We seem to attract clients who are similar to us. Our clients are interesting and interested in building great solutions. They come to us with ideas, creative thinking and a twinkle in their eye. They say “let’s do something really different and bold”. They say “I want to partner with you”. They say, “what can we do that will change the game?” Together, we imagine, push the boundaries and get results. These great working relationships make it fun to come to work and deliver great solutions in a very fast paced environment!  Like I said, I love what I do!

    My little known learning tip: 
    Changing something about you can be a great learning experience. Try anything from changing something about your appearances to walking to work a different way to learning a new skill. Then, pay attention to what it’s like for you as well as for others around you. Reflect on what you learn about yourself. Whether you decide to adopt the change or just practice with it, it will build your confidence and self-knowledge.

  • Valerie Nichols

    I’m Valerie and I’m a part of the Hemsley Fraser team.  I have a passion for personnel, or human resources, if you prefer.  I believe that there is no greater calling than helping build the capacity and appetite for growth and change in people and in the organizations they form and support.  As we design your learning solutions, whether for you as an individual or for your company, we bring a deep understanding of the synergy between people and the companies they work for.  We help people choose to engage in continuous learning by providing an environment in which they can have fun, apply their creativity to problem solving, and maybe be just a little brave as they stretch to try something new.

    My LinkedIn profile is here.  

    My little known learning tip:
    The internet is a powerful tool, but hugely distracting.  When searching for specific information, it’s easy to get diverted by interesting teasers and go haring off down unrelated paths.  Sometimes, I’ve lost hours this way!  If you share this same fascination with new information and ideas, yet still want to maintain focus, try keeping a ‘parking lot’ e-file or notebook.  Park the URLs of those intriguing sites and then allow yourself specific time each day to go back and explore! 

  • Jo Casson

    Hi I’m Jo and I’m responsible for leading client liaison for our managed learning services.  I’m passionate about helping clients to make the most of learning in their organization – in my 15 years in this field I’ve seen the good, the bad and even the downright ugly – and I genuinely enjoy sharing my knowledge and insight and helping organizations to make changes for the better. It’s my style to work closely with clients, to uncover areas for improvement, and I don’t shy away from challenging the ways of working, as long as we can demonstrate the value of changing. I find it very satisfying seeing you reap the rewards!   

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My little known learning tip:
    Make a simple and healthy change in your day … Did you know that apples are more effective at waking you up in the morning than coffee?  And they don’t keep you awake at night!

  • Linda Pugh

    I am the ‘what does it look like on Monday….’member of the group.  I lead the managed learning services outsource teams, and our job is to ‘take the strain’ and eliminate the pain that some of our clients feel when administering, buying and managing training,  which in turn makes a positive difference to their business.   My teams work closely with their clients to ensure that the service delivered meets and exceeds service goals and objectives.  The best lessons in life often come from experience and being able to capture the lessons and share the learning with others is often what gives results.   I encourage people to try something new, but also to take time to reflect and to be willing to challenge and even go back and rework to ‘make it look right on a Monday’.

    My LinkedIn profile is here

    My little known learning tip: 
    Have a problem picking up tiny beads and bits and pieces off the floor?  Cover the end of you vacuum cleaner tube with a pair of old pantyhose. The vacuum’s suction will pull up the beads off the floor, and the pantyhose will trap them so they can’t go into the vacuum.  You are then able to filter and use what is viable.  Never be afraid to gather together all ideas, but be careful to filter out those of value and not accidentally throw them out.  

  • Hal

    Hi, I'm Hal, Hemsely Fraser's newest (and most advanced) employee!  I love rolling around and helping our team members from around the world have a physical presence at meetings.  People say I have multiple personalities... And it's true.  I can interface with most handheld devices and almost all computers.  Near, far, where ever you are, you can be there through me! 

    My little known learning tip:
    Modern robots can respond to emotion and the smell of fine wine!

  • Nick Mongan

    My role covers a broad spectrum of innovative and exciting activities - which is one of the reasons why I love my job so much. I get to interact with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, throughout the lifecycle of a project, all the way through to delivering leading virtual and blended solutions for HF clients. My background is firmly within the field of Learning and Development and one of my passions is harnessing technology and deploying it across projects with the aim of enhancing the learner experience. With more and more clients wanting to ‘play in the digital space’ I’m looking forward to seeing more projects that call upon our expertise in this area.

    My LinkedIn profile is here.  

    My little known learning tip:
    Your most active muscle in the body is the eye muscles. The muscles in your eyes are constantly moving, and in an hour's worth of reading they can move 10,000 times. Throughout the course of any day, make sure that you’re taking sufficient time to refresh and revitalize your eyes and don’t spend too long staring at your computer screen!