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Thriving in a Virtual World - Infographic

Creating connection, keeping momentum and motivating people whilst working in a virtual environment is going to be more critical than ever. If you need an immediate solution to boost your workforce performance and productivity whilst working remotely, we can help.

Business Impact - Learning as a Service - Infographic

We're extremely proud of our recent feedback from a range of our clients, we've enabled and supported a range of organizations to thrive in the virtual world.

Leaders: Giving Reassurance During Times of Uncertainty - Infographic

Communicating during times of uncertainty is very similar to communicating during ongoing change. The challenge: communicating when the situation changes regularly and/or no new information is available.

Why learning in 2020 will be all about creating a “buzz”

To say something “has a buzz” conjures an image of energy and excitement. To “buzz” someone is to get their attention. When we “get a buzz” – whether from our morning coffee or our evening happy hour – we know the feeling hangs around a bit. Aren’t these all the same feelings we want from the workplace – and want our employees to feel?

Leaders Leading Learning in the Digital Age - White paper

It’s a notion we’ve heard time and again, but the digital age has truly disrupted almost everything in our personal and professional lives. So what does this mean to leaders and learning?

Leadership Traits in the Digital Age - White paper

Technology has had such an impact on our working worlds. Our expectations of work today have been fundamentally re-shaped by digital advancements. So what traits do leaders need in the digital age?

Digitally Minded - White paper

The success of any organization is primarily determined not by its strategy nor its product range but by its people. Ensuring that individuals have the skills and knowledge they need to be productive is therefore an important challenge for every organization.

Becoming an Agile Organization - White paper

How a new mindset and new work practices can enhance engagement and effectiveness

10 Things Leaders Should Stop Doing Today - Infographic

It’s not enough to just be effective. Today’s leaders need to strive for continuous improvement and the place to start is to look in the mirror. But bad habits and behaviors can be difficult to quit. If you really want to enhance your own performance and benefit your organization, here are ten things you should stop doing today